Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy 8 months!!

Yes, I know I can't believe it either...Sarah Scott is 8 months old today!! Time has gone by sooo fast it seems like only yesterday that I was prego with her. She is such a joy and seriously the best baby. She is still sleeping through the night..going down to bed at 8:30 and sleeping until about 8 or 8:30! Scott and I definitely get our rest. She is becoming more and more today I have not been able to put her down without her crying. As frustrating as that may be I love it..she wants her momma:)!! She is still saying dadadada all the time and recently began saying nahnahnahnah...which I am telling myself means momma!! She is scooting like a mad women and pulling up on things here and there.
About pulling up on she is down for a nap (those are not lasting as long these days)and I hear her crying. I go check on her put her paci in her mouth and tell her she has to sleep a little longer (30 min just ain't gonna cut it)! So she sleeps for about 15 min longer and I hear her crying again. I go to get her but before I get there I hear something hit the floor. I knew it was not her for 2 reasons. 1. She cant pull herself up in the crib. 2. It did not sound like it would be her hitting the floor!! WELL....was I wrong..I look in her room to find SS standing in her crib staring at me with that help me momma cry!
I was in total shock and just started snapping pictures!! I know these things happen as they get older but I was not expecting this right now.
We sent daddy a pic on his phone to let him know what his big 8mo little girl had accomplished....his first priority when he came home from lunch was to lower the mattress.
We are half way through this 8 month bday and I am just waiting on her to pass another milestone!!
I did move her up to level 2 food (my pediatrician wanted me to wait until she was 8mo) and she has more of a variety of food! This morning she had banana mango...ummm and tonight she will have apple butternut swash!! Sounds yummy!!
We look forward to a wonderful week with our big girl!!
We leave you with a big Sarah Scott smile!!


  1. That smile is too precious!!! She is growing too fast. It is so much fun to watch her as she grows!

  2. That baby is too cute. I love all her expressions!

    Thank you for committing to pray for us each day when you brush your teeth. I'm thankful you're praying peace over us. I've been struggling this week so keep 'em coming:)
    Love you bunches

  3. Her expression on her face in the crib picture is AWESOME! She does not look amused by your picture taking one bit.