Friday, March 27, 2009

Week gone by

Well it has been a pretty fast week. SS is really starting to learn how to walk. She has a toy that she can hold onto and push along and she will go from one end of the room to another. I really think that she will be walking in the next month or 2..maybe that's a high expectation but hey you never know. She is still just scooting along everywhere. Growing like a weed and I am loving each min of the day with her. We got her trying to walk on video and I need to post that soon.
it's Friday and it has been a great day. Sarah Scott and I started off at Panera at 8:30 with Josilyn and Nikki for some breakfast...high calorie breakfast:)!! It was good though and we had a great time chatting with the girls. Sarah Scott did very well. After visiting we ran to the bank, got gas, picked up her 6 month pics and headed to my Aunt Sherlys house to see her and John Aaron. Sarah Scott was a little shy at first which was odd. I think she is starting to have some separation anxiety at times. She kept looking at me and then around the house like I was going to leave her. After a few min she was fine and scooting her little self all around. We had fun visiting and of course Aunt Shae Shae loved getting some kisses.
The days that I am home with SS we always try to be at the house when Scott comes home from lunch. He likes to see her on his lunch break and get some daddy time in. So we rushed home and made it shortly after he got here. She had missed her morning nap so after daddy went back to work she went down for her nap and I did the same. It was sooo nice to get a nap in and just relax. SS did good today with her nap..she took about a 2 hour nap. When she woke up we geared up for a run all dressed..headed out the door and IT WAS RAINING. How disappointing was that but I guess I could have been smarter and looked outside first. So we hung out in the playroom until daddy came home and took us to dinner.
The area around our house is really growing. Several new restaurants have come and some more are on the way. Tonight we went to Moe's and enjoyed a different twist to Mexican. Scott and I have a sweet tooth so we had to go get some brownies on the way home. Well if you know me you know that I am not a great cook. I can usually follow directions on a box pretty good but tonight I get an F. I mixed up the brownies and added one to many eggs. oops. I called my mom n law...who is a wonderful cook by the way...bc I was not sure if I had ruined them or what I could do to save the brownies!!! She gave me some advice but warned me they may be like cake...SHE WAS RIGHT!!! Soooo Scott and I have enjoyed cake brownies tonight instead of our usual gooey brownies!!
SS is in bed and we are settling down for the evening. I am working at the hospital tom so SS and Scott get some well deserved daddy daughter time. Dad's bday is tom also so hopefully we will get to see him and wish him a happy bday. Not much more planned for this weekend!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend..Monday comes quick!!

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