Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Christmas

So it was our first Christmas as a family of exciting. Can you really ask for a better Christmas gift than a healthy little boy. The Lord has truly blessed us and we are so very thankful to him for our 2 little angels!!
Although SS really does not understand the idea that Santa comes to bring gifts on Christmas we tried to talk with her about it and continue to tell her that Santa was coming...the only thing she got down was that Santa says "HoHo"..most of the time all we would get out of her was that Santa says "Ho" was cute! However, even though she does not understand Scott and I had a great time playing Santa. This year SS got a new car along with other toys like puzzles, books, a cupcake purse etc... Scott had the privilege of putting the car together and I will say he loved every min of it. I so enjoyed sitting back and watching the excitement in his eyes as he put together the car for Sarah Scott. He could not wait to see the excitement in her eyes when she saw it. He had it all planned out as to how and when we would bring it out! He loves that little girl more than she knows!!! We had a late night with getting the car together and trying to get Hampton to bed...another blog in itself! We finally got to bed around 1 or so and I had a pretty long night with Hampton so Scott started Christmas morning off alone.
He woke me up around 9 and had already got on video what Santa brought and had breakfast made. I know I know he is a good man. I so needed the extra sleep and to wake up to waffles and a cup of coffee was great. He got SS up and we headed to the den to let her see her toys.
It was so fun to see the excitement in her eyes with her toys. After she opened her little toys we brought out her new car. At first she just stared at it and then got a big smile on her face.

She does not understand that her feet make her move so right now we are doing the pushing.

This is SS with her new juice cup and purse. She looked so cute walking around the house like a big girl with it.
Hampton got a new jungle gym that he can lay on and horrible is it that we did not take one pic of him by it. I realized this last night and felt like a horrible momma. We were so caught up in SS and her new car and it completely slipped my mind. Sorry little man!!!
After enjoying our morning together the family rounds began.
We had celebrated Christmas with my moms side of the family Christmas are a few pics from that!

Christmas day we spent lunch with my parents and dinner with Scott's parents. It made for a long day but was very nice...we had quality time with both sets of parents and very much enjoyed it.

Scott's parents with the grandchildren
My parents with the grandchildren

Another tradition that we have always had is getting together for breakfast with several families that I grew up with. This has always been so much fun and I am so glad we have continued the tradition despite all of us starting our own families. This year we were missing several people but we still had a wonderful time.

Christmas 2009 was a great one. I am looking forward to next year when Hampton is running around like SS was this year and SS will more understand that if she is a good girl...haha...then Santa will bring her toys!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Strike a Pose

The sound of a camera taking pics is in my head today. This has been a busy day filled with LOTS of pictures. Hampton had his newborn pictures today by Nicole Ward and let me tell you she took tons and tons of pictures. Hampton was the star of his photo shoot for about 3 1/2 hours.
To back track a little....Scott and I started our Christmas shopping last night...yes started is what I said...and we had each child at a grandparents house in order to shop without children. SS spent the night with Scott's parents so he had to get up this AM and go get her. That was the start to our day and it has been nonstop until now. After he left this morning I fed Hampton and started cleaning the house for pictures. Thank the Lord my mom arrived in time to iron clothes and feed Hampton again while Scott fed SS and gave her a bath.
We started taking pictures around 1230 and did not stop until 330 or so. Nicole had many many neat ideas and I can't wait to see the end result of the pictures.
On a side note Hampton slept ALLL day yesterday and today was wide eyed for pictures. I think that total between both Scott and me we were peed on about 15 times today. Hampton would get relaxed and picture Nicole got him in was so funny!!
We squeezed in a nap for SS and then we were off to Scott's family for Christmas. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed food and fellowship with his family. SS ran around like a wild women all night and crashed once we got home.
To talk more pictures...Hampton had on a precious Christmas outfit that Scott's aunt Debbie had made for him but he pooped and peed all over it so as the evening was ending I changed him into another Christmas outfit. Debbie had a precious Santa hat and the idea of sitting him on Christmas boxes and taking we were at it again. We got some cute ones but Hampton let us know pretty quick that he had had enough modeling for the day!
The night is finally ending and I am sooo ready for bed....I have to be up in a couple of hours to feed little man!!
Enjoy a few pictures from tonight and over the last several days.


I thought this was cute of SS laughing at her daddy...what a big smile!!


This was SS waiting for daddy to come home earlier in the week. Gotta love the outfit and hat!!


SS got some new mittens and she was checking them out!

Both of these are from Christmas tonight with Scott's family!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Our first week home.

So Sunday was a week since we have been home and things are running pretty smooth. Hampton is doing well and still has his days and nights pretty confused. Our first night home was a dream but the second night he had me up from about midnight until 7AM when I broke down and lost it. I cried a majority of the next day and Scott thought I was a little insane. I have pulled myself together since then and Hampton's nights are getting some better. His biggest struggle is when his paci falls out he wakes up. I find myself just hanging out in his room at night until the paci falls out and he is so asleep that he does not notice.
Sarah Scott is adjusting very well and calls Hampton "baby." She has not had any jealousy issues and really just wants to kiss him all day. We have to really watch her bc she will crawl all over him to get in a kiss!! When she first saw him she really did not know what to think and just stood in one place and stared for a while. She slowly made her way over to him and kissed him several times.
This is SS meeting Hampton for the first time
Scott was home with me all week and we got to enjoy some family time together. He was a HUGE help to me. I was slow moving with the c section and he took over all responsibilities of SS which really helped me. He went back to work yesterday and I will say I survived the day. SS woke up right after I finished feeding Hampton in the morning and that made for a smooth start.
Last Tuesday Hampton had his first MD appt and he did really well. He weighed 8lbs 12oz which put him at only an ounce from his birth weight. Dr. Getts said that he was perfect...yes we know that:)...but he does not even have to go back for his 2 week check up bc he has done so well with his weight. I guess that means that mommies milk is good stuff!!!!
Today Scott's mom ("BeBe") came and got SS to play with her. I am a little relieved to have a break and happy for SS because she needs to get out of this house. I feel like the walls are closing in on me and I know she feels the same way. We can only watch Barr-eee (Barney) so many times!!!
I have my MD check up tomorrow which for some reason I am excited about...maybe bc it requires me to get up and shower and I get to go somewhere!!!!
Overall the Whitfield's are doing well and loving being a family of 4.
Here are some pics of Hampton to enjoy!!
First sponge bath

Hampton will have his newborn pics on Sat. so look for those soon!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hampton Cole Whitfield

Hampton Cole Whitfield


Dec 2009 8lbs 13oz 21 inches

Well little Hampton you have made your arrival. Mommy and daddy are so thrilled that you are here. You were scheduled to arrive by C-section this morning at 11AM but you had different plans. Mommy woke up this morning at 4:45 and my water broke. I was not sure if it was this for sure but after about 30 min I was pretty sure we needed to get moving. I immediately started having some mild contractions and talked with daddy and decided to get up and in the shower. Daddy was in a hurry to get to the hospital but I wanted to shower and put on some make up!! Mommy did not want to scare the nurses. We ended up at the hospital around 6:45 and my contractions were really picking up. We got hooked up to the fetal monitor and you were really active. Your heartrate was around 150's and you were really giving mommy some strong contractions. The nurse called Dr. Barfield and we decided to do the Csection early. You arrived at 8:30 and were everything daddy and I dreamed of. One handsome little man. We are so excited to finally have you here and kiss those chunky cheeks of yours. We love you Hampton Cole.