Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easter/Hamp turning 17mths/Mothers Day

So I figured lets get it all in since I seem to be so inconsistent with this blog or just too lazy to sit my butt at this computer. So life since my last post has been wonderful. These kids keep Scott and I laughing and smiling. We will be riding in the car and look at each other and say...they are just so stinkin cute!!! They are both getting so big...I know I will say that forever!
So lets start with what came first...EASTER!
I was so happy to not be working on Easter this year. The Easter bunny made a special trip to our house in the afternoon. Being at church at 8:30Am would have really rushed Mr. Bunny.
We went to church and the kids sported their new outfits like all good baptist:)
Once we got home we attempted to take a family photo that did not work bc SS was in a HORRIBLE mood and Hamp just simply didnt feel like taking a picture...well and we did not have anyone to get a pic of all of us. This is what we came up with:

After spending lunch with both sets of parents we came home and the kids crashed...and the Easter bunny made a stop at our house...this is what he left!

Saturday Scott and SS dyed eggs and she had a wonderful time!

Then a couple of days later Hamp turned 17 mths old. I promise you I could eat this kid up. He has the most kissble chunky cheeks and I LOVE IT!

He is really getting big and becoming a little boy. He is trying so hard to talk to us and says the same thing over and over but who know what he is saying. He is like his sister and when we are in public he tells everyone he sees "Hey" while SS is telling the stranger next to us "this is my mommy, this is my buddy, this is my daddy and I Sarah Scott"...the cutest!
So hamp lets see:
*you are still in size 18,24 and 2T clothes
* pushing 5XXL shoe
*pushing size 6 diapers....I guess "pushing" means you really need what follows the push word but momma is trying to make what we have work..lol!
*talking more and more "bubble" is your newest word. You refer to your juice cup as "aww sheee" it really makes us laugh!
*POUTING...yes you have picked this up from your sister...you will either turn your head away from us or fold your arms across your chest and huff and puff...mommy has a hard time not laughing at this bc it is so cute!
*still napping and sleeping the same at night
*Food: so you are still picky like SS but you do have a new obsession for tomatoes. I guess thats the closest we will get to a veggie right now!
Hamp you are pure joy in our lives. I always look forward to our nightly ritual when it is " nie nie" time. We sit and read "ahhh booook" as you would say and then mommy sings to you while we rock. Lately while mommy is rocking you, you will sit up and look at me and say really loud "muuuummeee" over and over and laugh so hard. You think this is so cute. I will lay you in your crib and tell you I love you and night night...you pop your paci out of your mouth and look up at me and say "bye."
So next on the list is Mothers Day. I really love this day because I have a wonderful mother to celebrate. She is an amazing wife, mother and women of God. I had a wonderful experience with my mom this year and I feel it made the meaning of mothers day very special. Mom has a friend who has recently become ill and unable to care for herself. I knew that my mom had been giving her time when she could to help care for this person. I knew that she was ill but I guess selfishly never took the time to consider what mom was doing or how ill this person was. Sunday I get a call from my mom and she is crying...her heart was broken that her friend was experiencing this illness and mom felt a little helpless. Simple things like hygiene and helping her back and forth to the bathroom were needing to be done but mom could not do it alone. We had plans to be at my moms in the next hour to celebrate Mothers Day. I explained to momma that I would get what was needed and meet her at her friends. We spent the next several hours "serving" this friend and it was so rewarding. I left that evening on the way home thanking God for such a wonderful mother and one that provides such a godly example to me. I strive to be the mother to my kids that she is to me....to set forth the example...the Chirst like example that she has set for me. That evening ended up being the best gift I could have ever given to my mom...doing the work of Christ for another believer in need.
Mothers Day ended up wonderful. We enjoyed church and spent lunch with my inlaws. Another wonderful example of a mother. I am very thankful that she is in my life and loves me as her own. She has a son that loves her dearly and she is a wonderful blessing to our family.
After lunch we went home and napped and enjoyed our afternoon together. We ended the day with a visit to my moms.
A few pics from the day.