Friday, December 31, 2010

Bath time

I wanted to post a few pics from bath time last night. I still need to put up some Christmas pics but I will get around to that later. The kids love to take a bath together at night and could play for hours if we would let them. Last night SS decided that putting Hamp in a head lock and taking him down would be a fun thing to do...NOT...but we did get a few pics of it. I will have to say that it had Scott and I laughing. So just a few pics to make you smile....they sure brought a smile to our face!!
Our little model!!

So the fun first started with dumping water on Hamp!

Hamp is thinking what just happened to me!

...But I think he likes it!

And here comes the take down...

...but he likes that too and it all ends with a smile!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hampton is the big 1!!!!

Sweet Hampton turned 1 on December 3rd!!

Like always I am behind on posting about this. I think my kids have a sucker that just sucks all the energy out of me. I find myself wanting to sleep when I get any free time. But anyway off that soapbox.....
We had a wonderful birthday party for him and I was very happy with how it all turned out. I had been thinking for so long what to do for Hamps bday and every idea I would come up with Scott did not think it was MANLY enough:)...then it came to me...not just monkeys but sock monkeys. His invitation I thought turned out perfect!!

I found a wonderful lady on that made the invitations and she also did most of the decorations. Everything was handmade and I was soooo pleased. She made the favor tags..

birthday banner....

birthday sign...

highchair sign...

and the cupcake toppers!

This year, unlike SS bday, I decided to just do cupcakes and not a big birthday I only had a small one for Hamp made! Oh and at the last min. bc I completely forgot he would need one to smash!!

We served chili and taco soup for lunch along with PB&J and cheese puffs for the kiddos! Thanks to my mom and mom n law for cooking!!!

Hamp got lots and lots of gifts...he really loved playing in the boxes more than anything. We had his attention for a short time and then he was off to entertain. He got so many toys and books which is what I wanted for him.

One gift I was very excited about was a few monogrammed shirts Scott's aunt gave him. I don't get to put many monogrammed things on him bc of a rule made by daddy...but he approved all 3 of his new bday shirts!!!
When it came time for the cake I stripped him down and he was ready to party!!

At first he just looked at it...

...took a little taste...

....and then he was diving in!!!

He was all smiles and was fully aware that he was the center of attention.
At the end of the party we let all the balloons go...a little tradition we do for bday parties!!

We had a wonderful time with friends and family!
Scott and I find it so hard to believe that our sweet Hamp has been with us for a year. This year had really gone by so much faster than Sarah Scott's first year. Hamp has taken off with wanting to talk and he is really trying to walk. Hamps stats:
*weighs around 26lbs
*still in 18-24 months clothes...some 12-24
*WE ARE OFF THE BOTTLE!!! He did so wonderful with this...I just simply did not give it to him anymore and he is now all food and cows milk.
*Hamp you LOVE to eat. We call you a garbage disposal bc you eat anything we give except lima beans!
*size 4 shoe...not that your foot is that long but it is so fat that is all you will fit in!!
*eating 3 meals a day and 2 snacks and love milk from your sippy cup
* sleeping around 730 or 8 until 9 or so in the AM
* I have cut you back to 1 nap bc this way you sleep 3 1/2 hours in the afternoon
* trying to walk...we got about 4 steps out of you
*say "momma" ..." nii nii" for night night .. " bye"..."ball" and "tha tha" for dada!
*love bath time and playing rough
* still in size 5 diapers.

What a blessing you are to us. We love you more than you will ever know. You are a precious, sweet, and gentle little boy. A happy boy that always wears a big smile. Daddy and I look forward to watching you grow and become a man of God. We love you sweet Hamp!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh my oh my how I am such a slacker lately with blogging. I cannot believe that I have not blogged about my little munchkins lately. I have missed Hamp turning 11 months old, Halloween, the pumpkin patch, the fair and play dates!! The kids are keeping us busy but we love it that way. Life around our house is good...Scott and I hired a sitter earlier this week for the first time EVER!!! Only family has ever kept our kids but I will say we really enjoyed ourselves and plan to do it again soon. We went to the Lady Antebellum concert and LOVED it!!!
Hamp's big 1st birthday is quickly approaching. It is so hard to believe this sweet little..well not so little...boy has been in our lives for a year. I am planning his party and so excited to see it all come together. So lets get to updating everyone...I will start with Hamp turning 11 months.

This pic really makes me laugh...this is Hamp all of the time. He is really such a happy baby and always has a smile on his face!!
Hamp you had your first ever surgery this month. You have had numerous ear infections and mommy and daddy decided tubes would be the best thing for you. It was a very easy procedure and you did well other than did not like coming out of that!!
You are still weighing 26lbs and in the same size clothes. Your sleeping and eating schedule is the same. You are really trying to walk but I think you are having a hard time carrying all that weight!!!
I do have to add that you are a BIG mommas boy. If you hear my voice you come crawling..sit up..put your hands in the air..and say "momma momma!" I love that sweet boy!

...So moving on lets go back to before Hamp turned 11 months old...we went to visit the local pumpkin patch. It was a Saturday and we met up with Jason, Nicole and Addi for some farm fun. The kids really loved it. SS loved the animals and the jumping pillow...

We went through the corn maze..

and she played in a big tub of corn....Hamp was not very fond of this.

We had a great time going down the slides...well kind of! You landed in a pile of sand at the end of the slide so as you can imagine I had sand all over me.

We got home that night and I took off SS diaper and out came corn and sand!!!
I tried to get pics of the kids but it did not go very well, however I did manage this sweet smile from Hamp..

..until he got placed in the pumpkins!!

...So now we are up to Halloween. My plans were for SS to be a lady bug this year. I finally found an outfit in the midst of the complete chaos at Party City. I was never to sure what I wanted Hamp to be but because I had to work Halloween I did not make to big of an effort to get him a costume. So glad that I didn't because there was no Halloween at our house. SS ended up vomiting Sunday AM and into the afternoon. I had to leave work early to come home and take her to the doctor. She ended up with Strep by Monday morning. So needless to say we did hand out some candy but the kids were in bed by the time the "candy fun" started!!
Belinda did make SS the cutest little outfit that she wore the night before Halloween so I got a pic of the kids!!

I have continued to love being home more with the kids. We have been frequenting chick-fil-a more with a Jennifer and John Daniel. It is a great place to take the kids around 11...let them play and then eat....and then home for nap time. Several weeks ago we had a play date at the house with John Daniel, Mary Hil and SS. They had a great time playing and enjoyed a snack together at the end of the day!
...Oh SS is obsessed with JD so she is trying to sneak in a kiss!!

....So now moving on to the fair. Last Friday night we took the kids to the local fair along with Mary Hil, Christin and Matt. MH walked in and went straight to the rides with no fear but SS was a little hesitant. As you can see in this pic...that I try not to laugh at:)....SS is scared out of her mind!!

She took some warming up but then was ready to go. The girls had such a wonderful time on all the rides and Hamp just sat so quietly in his stroller...I think he was frozen solid and just couldn't move..heehee!!

The girls looked so cute together...they are best friends....even if they don't know it Christin and I decided we will force it on them!!!

This is a pic of Scott trying to win a bear....he did not have much luck here but ended up winning
Hamp a big yellow teddy bear...he was proud daddy!!

Well I think I am caught up!! Scott and I are just so blessed to parent these 2 precious children. SS seriously makes us laugh everyday. She comes up with the funniest things to say. She seems to be a little confused lately and thinks Spanish should be her main language...haha. This is all thanks to Dora. She now counts in Spanish and the other day we walk up to Publix and she looks at the door and says "Habre." All I could do is laugh and remind her that she is American and we speak!!!
She hears me call Scott "babe" so if she want his attention she will say "come here babe." Tonight we were at Chick-fil-a and the cashier gave SS her ice cream that she so kindly asked for. I looked at her and said "now Sarah Scott what do you say"...hoping thank you would be what came out of her mouth. Instead she pointed her little finger at the cashier and said "I need a spoon."
She loves to sing and read books. Our nightly ritual is to read, sing and then pray. Lately she likes to read to me and I love it because I am able to see what all that little brain of hers has soaked in. She really knows what the book is about. She knows so many songs and my favorite is to hear her sing Jesus loves me...makes my heart melt!!
Hamp is so interactive with us. He says "bye" and "ball" along with the momma and dada that he has been saying. I think he may play football or baseball because that boy has an arm on him!!
Well I could go on all day about SS and Hamp but I think this blog has turned in to a novel. Night to all and I hope everyone is looking forward to Christmas like me. My plan is to be all decorated except a tree this weekend. I already have my Christmas music on and love love love it!!!
Until next time.....