Sunday, August 30, 2009

13 months old

Happy 13 months Sarah Scott!!
I know I say this alot but my goodness how time flies. I feel like yesterday we had her birthday party and now it has been a month. SS is continuing to grow like a weed and just entertains Scott and I so much. We actually had a date planned for tonight and decided to just stay home with her....side note..we have not been on a date since she was born...we need to work on that!! We love sitting in the playroom at night and just watching all the funny things that she does. She is full of noises and learning a few words here and there. So lets break it down and see what little SS is up to these days!
Ok Sarah Scott this is you at 13 months:
* You are drinking only a bottle at night (dropped your AM bottle 2 days ago and your 12 and 4 about 2 weeks ago
* You are in size 3 diapers still but size 4 nighttime diapers (Huggies)
* You are in size 12 months clothes...some pants are still to big and you can still wear some 9 months things
* You are still sleeping through the night..8:30 until about 7:30 or sometimes 8.
* Had your first beach trip this month and first time in the swimming pool (that will be a different blog)
* You have 4 top teeth and 4 bottom teeth...then one coming through in the back left bottom
* Your new words are night night, book and bye
* Mommy still sings you our 3 songs and reads a book at night and daddy always gives you bathtime after dinner
* You love to walk up to us and turn around an back into our laps and let us read to you or to just sit in our lap
* Going through a momma momma momma thing but thats ok I don't mind
* Your everyday meals consist of
Breakfast: Apples and Cin oatmeal
Lunch: hotdog, yogurt and either ravioli or mac and cheese
Snack: Ritz crackers, goldfish, applesauce or fruit cereal bar
Dinner: same as lunch
...Daddy and I have tried LOTS of food but this is pretty much all you will have for right now. I am ok with that as long as you like it. You are drinking Motts kids applejuice and will drink some milk from a cup but not a huge fan.
* Moved to the hippo class at Sunday School
* Still in size 2 shoes.
* You started kissing people alot love to come up to mommy and kiss me on the leg...sweet sweet girl
* You like Barney for about 10 min....I am TOTALLY fine with that...Barney is not much fun for mommy and daddy so you not being in to TV yet is wonderful.
* You say "whoo whoo" when you hear the dogs bark
Overall sweet girl another month has gone by and daddy and I are loving every min with you. SOOO many people comment to us about how you are such a happy girl. You are so friendly with people and smile all the time. You are amazing and we love you more than you know.
Just think SS in a few months you will be a big sister!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beach Trip to HHI


So this year my family went on our first vacation since my brother and I have married and had little ones. I will be honest I was a little nervous at how the week would go with so many personalities together for so long. Let me say that God is good and knew that we needed some good family time. We so enjoyed our time together...Addi and SS played wonderfully and my parents absolutely loved spending time with us and especially the girls (Addi and SS).
This was a much needed vacation for us as Scott and I have not had a vacation since 2005. A little ridiculous and we would talk about going places but then decided to spend money elsewhere.
Scott and I spent all day Friday and in to Sat packing and getting the things that we needed to stay for several nights. Packing for a almost week long trip with a little one is alot. We finally got on the road Sat afternoon...a little later than we had hoped.
I have been looking forward to this trip also bc I was so anxious to see SS on the beach and in the pool. Let me say that she loved the ocean and the sand....she ate ALOT of sand. The pool was not really her favorite but she tolerated it for a short period of time.
We spent everyday on the beach for several hours until the girls were exhausted. It was hard to time going to the beach around when SS would normally be down for a nap. She did well staying up later than she normally would. Preparing for the beach each day was a chore in itself. Making sure that SS had her lunch, snacks, spraying her down with sunscreen till she was a grease ball, getting her little swimmers and suit on, making sure she had her hat on and keeping it on and then loading her and Addi up in the wagon. Scott and I decided to take the wagon SS got for her bday and that was the best decision ever. We could load the girls up in the wagon and off to the beach we went.
SS walked out on the beach and right in to the ocean like she had been there before. Scott was great with her...I let him be the one to take her in the ocean (I am not a big fan of the ocean) and I would snap pics and enjoy the sun.
SS had so much fun splashing in the water and eating the sand.

My parents were wonderful and such a big help. They would entertain SS so that Scott and I could get sun and then when the girls were ready for a nap they would take them back to the condo to nap and let the adults stay on the beach.
Like I mentioned we did spend some time at the pool but SS really did not like it. I was able to get a couple of pics with a smile on her face.

The one thing that mom, Nicole and I had decided we really wanted done while on vacation was family pics. We had scheduled Sat evening with the photographer but after getting all ready and walking out the door the bottom fell out of the sky..sooo that led us to the ice cream shop and then the the grocery store...needless to say I was stressed that we would not get pics done. Well we made arrangements for Tuesday and yes I stressed the entire next 3 days but thankfully the weather held up and we got wonderful pics!!
sneek peek....

We had a wonderful time taking these and SS loved playing in the water in her white dress!!!
Overall this was a much needed very much enjoyed vacation!! I am very thankful for my family and look forward the our time together at the beach next year...with junior along!!!
I have to close this post with one precious pic of our little angel!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My heart!!

Well it is 11:23 and I really need to be in bed but I am wide awake. I had a terrible headache tonight and drank some caffeine just thinking that was what I needed and well the headache is gone but my eyes are WIDE open. I have cleaned some around the house and just kissed Scott night night and did my final "tucking" on SS. I told Scott that I was going to bed (he is up watching ESPN...big news with Brett Favre today..whoo hoo)...but as I did my final check on SS tonight I just teared up with joy at just looking at her. I was on the computer earlier and noticed Scott in her room for a while. I walked in and he was staring at her in her crib sleeping. Together we smiled and said how precious she was.
Sarah Scott you are are are the most wonderful gift that the Lord could ever give to us. Mommy and Daddy love you more than you could ever imagine. I told your daddy yesterday that you were so loving all day. You would walk up to mommy and put your head on my leg and just rub my would come up to me and want to be held and then just lay your head on my chest. You wanted extra love yestreday for some reason and I want you to know that I will always give that to you. You make me smile when you want my attention. Mommy loves our time at night when we read and sing songs and daddy loves bathtime with you at night. I cant tell you the emotions that flow of unconditional love for you...but I know you will understand one day when you are a mommy. I love you sweet are my daughter and my heart!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our weekend

Well the weekend is over and we enjoyed our family time. We did not do much because I have been on call but we did venture out for several things. Friday evening was spent hanging around the house and playing with SS.
On Saturday we stayed around the house for the first part of the day and did some picking up and then we had a birthday party to go to for Katleyn (a friend from work's daughter).
During my cleaning time in the kitchen SS made herself at home in her favorite place...the refrigerator. She had her juice and a plate that she was reading like a book. So cute!!

Around 3:30 we headed to the party. Katelyn turned 3 and was having a swimming party. SS had a great time watching all the other kids. It did rain but it did not seem to bother Katelyn at all...she had herself a good ole time. After the party we went to eat dinner with Christin and MaryHill. It was nice to see MH and SS together bc little do they know they will grow up to be best friends. SS is finally starting to learn how to interact with other kids without tackling them (she has done that to MH several times). We had ourselves some good ole Mexican and then headed home for bed. Sunday we skipped church from me being extremely tired and then headed to eat with the family for my aunts bday. I always love getting together with family bc we have such a great time and SS loves all the attention. She was quite the entertainment.
SS is down for a nap now so I thought that I would get in a quick post. I realized that I have not taken one pic of myself with this pregnancy and so I decided to get on it!!! Scott is outside doing "man things" like cutting grass and changing the oil so I had to take the pics by myself. I did ok but most of all this baby boy will not feel left out in 20 years when he ask to see the pics of me prego with him.
We have a short week ahead of us as we leave for the beach this weekend with my parents and brothers family. This is the first family trip that we have taken since my brother and I have married and had kids. I am very excited and cant wait to see SS play on the beach and swim. We have alot of packing to do and I promise to post pics as soon as we get back. Have a wonderful week!!

** If you will keep in mind our friends the Tucker's this week. Most of you have heard me talk about them and the trials that they have experienced over the last year. As you all know they are pregnant and expecting Baby T soon. She has her amnio Tuesday and if baby T passes they will induce and deliver baby T sometime on Wed. Please pray for a safe delivery and for God's hand to cover Denny and Ashly through this time **

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hair cutting 101

Photobucket So SS had her first big haircut last night. Well...let me touch on that was her first official haircut...when she was about 5 months old Scott cut about 10 hairs off her head and thought I would not notice....I have been scarred for life about this and consider that her first haircut that I missed. That's another blog:)
So Scott and I have been in debate for several months about her hair and whether or not it needed a little trim. The original hair that she had when she was born was getting a little long and she had new growth underneath. I felt that it was fine with a bow in her hair but agreed that it looked a little scraggly when she took the bow out...which is often. I really was NOT up for cutting her hair but Scott was growing more and more agitated with it and his little comments finally brought out the scissors.
So last night we decided to cut her hair. I will be honest and tell you that it was not a pleasant experience at first as I was fighting tooth and nail to avoid this. I just for some reason did not feel that it was necessary BUT Scott was reeeaaly wanting it. We bickered over how to cut her hair and I would say "she is going to look like a boy" and Scott would say "she is not just cut it."
....I needed a nerve pill but I am sure that some of this is prego hormones.....
So we sat SS in the sink and cut away...she really did good and to be honest her hair turned out just fine. I can deal bc we can still get a bow in her hair but most of all Scott is no longer nagging about her hair and today I have heard "Sarah Scott your haircut looks so cute" about 15 times. Its done and daddy is a happier man...I guess that is all that matters right?!?!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Needing a laugh

So today I should be at work but I am at home with SS because she is sick AGAIN. I feel like I could scream bc I feel this poor child catches everything that comes around. I could blame this on daycare but she doesn't go to what is the deal. 3 weeks ago she had the 48 hour fever virus..that started again last Wed and ended Friday night...THEN she started with diarrhea Sunday and well we still have it. Yes I have called the pediatrician and really what can you do other than push fluids. I just find myself frustrated for her...she needs a break!! Heck.. we need a break and her poor hiney needs a break!!
So she is down for a nap now and Scott has recently left after lunch. I am feeling a little hormonal lately and emotional. Yes I know that this comes with pregnancy but let me have my moment.
Lets see we have a baby boy that is going to be here in less than 4 months...he has no name, we have not even started on his nursery, I cant figure out where we are going to put the things that currently occupy his room and I have some other life decisions to make that I keep putting off. I feel like I have been seeking Gods plan in certain areas but I just cant get clarity ya know. I guess what I am saying is pray for me but this blog comes bc I did just have a nice little laugh and I needed it.
As I said I am here by myself so just imagine me laughing all by myself...I know crazy but I needed it. The laugh comes from the fact that Scott calls me " his little train wreck." I think its pretty funny and sad to say but he really is right. It is always some crazy mistake that I am making. He says it will never bother him as long as the train wreck does not involve his child or dogs...and so far Ive been good at leaving them out. Well on Sat or Sun Scott said that I was due for a train has been at least 2 weeks since a collision. Well he spoke a little too soon. Monday SS and I were at dinner with some friends. Everyone had left but me, SS and my friend Heather. I go pack up everything and can't seem to find my keys....we look everywhere and they are no where to be found. I go to a worker at Chick fil A and tell them that I need to have the trash cans emptied bc I don't know which trashcan my tray got put in. So the sweet little girl gives me a pair of gloves and I am off digging in 2 trash cans. Heather and I emptied my diaper back about 3 times and checked the chair that SS was in about 3 times. I called Scott and told him that he needed to come get us and I hear a sweet little sigh on the other As I am looking in the last trashcan I hear Heather say "got em"..guess where they were...yes under SS little butt. So I called Scott and told him to forget it I found them. Well we head out and I have SS and left over Applesauce that I was not throwing away bc she did not eat all of it. It did not have a top so my plan was to hold on to it on the way home. I sat it on the hood of the car and loaded SS and all of our stuff. Get in the car to take off and wham...there goes the Applesauce on the car and in the street....OH well!!
So I think that is my train wreck for the month but oh only gets better. Here comes Tuesday and little did I know a collision was waiting on me. I get home from work and decide that we have loads of barbecue that Scott made several weeks ago that needs to be dumped....I mean LOADS of barbecue. An entire casserole dish full and a large tupperware bowl full. Well smart me decides to put it all down the disposal and I go on with the night. Around 8 Scott goes in to the bathroom to give SS a bath. To his surprise a train wreck stares him in the face.
...side note...we live in a house that was built in the 50's and the plumbing from the kitchen sink and dishwasher some how connect to the guest bath...don't ask I have no idea...
Well I put so much barbecue down the disposal that it backed up in the pipe and was all in the tub....yes barbecue everywhere in the tub, coming out of the overflow in the tub and has the drain completely stopped up. Can you google how to unplug a bath with barbecue..caused by your smart wife ??? Needless to say Scott had to go get Drano and this afternoon we still have a stopped up tub. I just pray I don't cause us a large plumbing bill.
So all that to say I was just walking down the hallway and stopped to check out all the barbecue in the bathtub and had to laugh at myself...what can I say I am entertaining and keep my sweet husband on his toes!!
Your train wreck loves you honey!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The big bday party!!

Our sweet Sarah Scott
I cant believe it is over...all the planning, stressing and anticipation that went in to this and poof it's gone. I have been working on the party for several months. I knew that I wanted pink and green for the colors bc that is the color of SS room and that I wanted polka dots/cupcakes as the I had a friend help me out and she actually made each invite for me. She did an wonderful job and I loved them.
I ended up finding the napkins and several "Happy 1st Birthday" decorations online. I did alot of searching online about party favors and cakes etc...Needless to say it all came together and Sarah Scott had a WONDERFUL time and did amazing. The day was pretty hectic leading up to the party but thanks to my wonderful friend April she helped calm me and get a lot of things done. She has amazing talent with her writing and painting so I put her to work making all my signs.
The party weekend started Friday night when April came from Greenville. She went with me Friday night to run some errands and to pick up the radioflyer wagon that Scott and I got for SS. We got home and finished making a couple of things and then were off to bed.
Saturday started off with waking up around 7:45...SS woke up at that time which is unusual for her (I think she new it was her party day) so I was able to get moving early. SS ended up laying back down with Scott for a while and I was able to get a cup of coffee in. April and I got ready and headed to party city to pick up balloons and a couple of other stores before heading to my inlaws...the party destination. We got to my inlaws a little late but finally made it and we started decorating and I put April to work using her artistry skills. My mom n law had made the party favors..cupcake pops...they turned out so wonderful.
I had to attach a little note to each one, hang balloons, set out food..etc....all the little things that have to be done before the crowd arrives.
This is my wonderful friend April who helped so much with the party.
Scott arrived with SS right on time and with him came the Portmans.
This is Stephanie and Kellen (I did not get a pic of Matt...he was so busy taking pics for us)
Matt, Stephanie and little Kellen are friends of ours from Atl. We were so excited to have them come and honored that they would make the trip to celebrate with us. I put Matt to work using his hang my signs. They also have a wonderful camera and he was able to get many great pictures for us during the party. Scott put SS in her outfit and let me tell you she looked like one cute little one year old. Her outfit was put together by a friend of mine that has recently started a little shop called The Little Azalea She did an amazing job!!
I got a little stressed thinking everything was not going to get done but ....we made it and the party started.
We had a wonderful crowd of friends and family. Everyone arrived and we mingled for a while and enjoyed all the cute little ones that were running around.
SS was running all around and this pic made me laugh...she has my Nannie's purse...I am starting her early on carrying her purse everywhere.
We had so many friends come that have little ones and they loved running around playing with each other.
This is a pic of all the moms with the little ones. SS will love to look back one day at her friends that came to her party.

This is SS and her best friend Mary Hill. Her mom Christin and I joke around all the time that the two girls will be best friends whether they like it or not bc we are. The look on MH face cracks me up. I think she is a little terrified of SS bc every time they get together SS attacks her...its out of love but I have not got SS to understand gentle love:)!!!
Just a cute pic of SS and my mom.. aka grammy.

Our lunch menu was barbecue (made by my mom n law), potato salad, cole slaw and baked beans. I have to say thank you to my mom n law, mom and nanny for making the food. We had soft drinks and water for drinks. My mom n law found green buckets for the drinks and April decorated them. They turned out so cute. So one had the soft drinks and the other one held the water bottles that I put together. Well not really put together but I took the label off and made one for SS..
After lunch we let SS open her gifts. A one year old really just wants to play with the tissue paper and bags so I opened all the gifts. She got lots of clothes, toys and books. Scott's parents gave her a rocking chair with her name on it and since we have gotten it home she has tumbled out several times but LOVES it. She will sit and watch TV is the cutest thing.

Scott and I talked for a while about what do you really get a one year old for her bday. I had mentioned a radio flyer wagon and that is what we decided on. A good friend gave me some advice that when SS is older she will be able to look back and know that the wagon she used for so long was her gift when she turned one. We didn't want to get her something that someone else may do. I feel that we picked something neat that she will enjoy for many years to come..
After opening presents with everyone we were off to let SS explore her cake. The cake was a big deal to me and I wanted one that was extra cute. I had in the my head what I wanted (2 tier with polka dots and a cupcake on top) but could never find what I was looking for. One day on facebook I saw a pic of a friends cake that she did for her son and it was EXACTLY what I wanted. My sister n laws mom has a cake business called Balloon Delights in Thompson and makes the best tasting cake you have ever had. I gave her the picture and she did a great job.

After feeding herself she turned and fed Scott for about 10 min. It was the cutest thing and she was loving that daddy was enjoying her cake as much as she was. I was so proud of her that she did not shy away...I mean I really should have known better she has 2 parents that LOVE sweets and she is the same way. She got pretty messy so we had to bath her off after her cake throw down. Needless to say she was pretty exhausted after and ready for a nap.
The party was coming to an end and SS was running out of gas. As everyone left I put SS down for a nap and we got to cleaning. We packed up all the gifts and it was time to head out. I got SS up and she was not in the mood for fun and games. We had 25 balloons that had to go somewhere and I was not willing to pack them all up in my car. We decided to let SS let them go outside. She was not to thrilled with the idea...she wanted mommy to hold her or either let her go back to bed. However, we did get a cute pic of her with the balloons.
We headed home and spent some more time with the Portmans before their trip back to the Atl. Sat evening I went through her toys and opened each one so that it would be like Christmas morning Sunday. SS could wake up and enjoy all her new toys. She slept Sunday until almost 10AM.
We cant believe that our little girl is one. She is such a joy and we know that 2 will be here before we know it.
Thank you to all the friends and family that helped with the party and that came to celebrate with us. I can't tell you how much it meant to have all of you with us. We love you all.