Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Needing a laugh

So today I should be at work but I am at home with SS because she is sick AGAIN. I feel like I could scream bc I feel this poor child catches everything that comes around. I could blame this on daycare but she doesn't go to what is the deal. 3 weeks ago she had the 48 hour fever virus..that started again last Wed and ended Friday night...THEN she started with diarrhea Sunday and well we still have it. Yes I have called the pediatrician and really what can you do other than push fluids. I just find myself frustrated for her...she needs a break!! Heck.. we need a break and her poor hiney needs a break!!
So she is down for a nap now and Scott has recently left after lunch. I am feeling a little hormonal lately and emotional. Yes I know that this comes with pregnancy but let me have my moment.
Lets see we have a baby boy that is going to be here in less than 4 months...he has no name, we have not even started on his nursery, I cant figure out where we are going to put the things that currently occupy his room and I have some other life decisions to make that I keep putting off. I feel like I have been seeking Gods plan in certain areas but I just cant get clarity ya know. I guess what I am saying is pray for me but this blog comes bc I did just have a nice little laugh and I needed it.
As I said I am here by myself so just imagine me laughing all by myself...I know crazy but I needed it. The laugh comes from the fact that Scott calls me " his little train wreck." I think its pretty funny and sad to say but he really is right. It is always some crazy mistake that I am making. He says it will never bother him as long as the train wreck does not involve his child or dogs...and so far Ive been good at leaving them out. Well on Sat or Sun Scott said that I was due for a train has been at least 2 weeks since a collision. Well he spoke a little too soon. Monday SS and I were at dinner with some friends. Everyone had left but me, SS and my friend Heather. I go pack up everything and can't seem to find my keys....we look everywhere and they are no where to be found. I go to a worker at Chick fil A and tell them that I need to have the trash cans emptied bc I don't know which trashcan my tray got put in. So the sweet little girl gives me a pair of gloves and I am off digging in 2 trash cans. Heather and I emptied my diaper back about 3 times and checked the chair that SS was in about 3 times. I called Scott and told him that he needed to come get us and I hear a sweet little sigh on the other As I am looking in the last trashcan I hear Heather say "got em"..guess where they were...yes under SS little butt. So I called Scott and told him to forget it I found them. Well we head out and I have SS and left over Applesauce that I was not throwing away bc she did not eat all of it. It did not have a top so my plan was to hold on to it on the way home. I sat it on the hood of the car and loaded SS and all of our stuff. Get in the car to take off and wham...there goes the Applesauce on the car and in the street....OH well!!
So I think that is my train wreck for the month but oh only gets better. Here comes Tuesday and little did I know a collision was waiting on me. I get home from work and decide that we have loads of barbecue that Scott made several weeks ago that needs to be dumped....I mean LOADS of barbecue. An entire casserole dish full and a large tupperware bowl full. Well smart me decides to put it all down the disposal and I go on with the night. Around 8 Scott goes in to the bathroom to give SS a bath. To his surprise a train wreck stares him in the face.
...side note...we live in a house that was built in the 50's and the plumbing from the kitchen sink and dishwasher some how connect to the guest bath...don't ask I have no idea...
Well I put so much barbecue down the disposal that it backed up in the pipe and was all in the tub....yes barbecue everywhere in the tub, coming out of the overflow in the tub and has the drain completely stopped up. Can you google how to unplug a bath with barbecue..caused by your smart wife ??? Needless to say Scott had to go get Drano and this afternoon we still have a stopped up tub. I just pray I don't cause us a large plumbing bill.
So all that to say I was just walking down the hallway and stopped to check out all the barbecue in the bathtub and had to laugh at myself...what can I say I am entertaining and keep my sweet husband on his toes!!
Your train wreck loves you honey!!!


  1. I am sorry to say, but I had to try so hard to not laugh out loud as I read this at work! I am so glad that it is not just me that crazy things seem to happen! :o) Good Luck with the BBQ in the tub!

  2. ilu. your an amazing person and I know things get hard and having to make choices doesnt help. im praying for you but something tells me your gonna be strong enough without my help, but im going to pray anyways. just dont forget how blessed you are and things will get better.

  3. Definitely made me laugh out loud...I'm glad I'm not the only one that has little "collision's" like this! Hang in there, Deborah Anne...things always seem to work themselves out.

  4. LOL This is sooo great...def made me laugh!!! love it :o)

  5. Deborah Anne, you are the best, girl!! I love your zeal for life...and your funny stories don't hurt ONE bit!!! I love ya and praying for your life changes!!

  6. Thank you for making me laugh out loud! Our old house has some "quirks" that don't usually induce laughter, so I feel your pain. At the moment, we have squirrels in the attic due to the construction of an addition on the back of our house...not funny. :(
    On a side note, I was at a worship conference last month and one of the speakers said, "Never in the Bible does God ask us to seek His will/plan. He commands us to seek His FACE and He tells us to KNOW His will." So I'll be praying that as you seek His face, you will KNOW His will in the decisions you're wrestling with. You're a great momma!