Sunday, August 30, 2009

13 months old

Happy 13 months Sarah Scott!!
I know I say this alot but my goodness how time flies. I feel like yesterday we had her birthday party and now it has been a month. SS is continuing to grow like a weed and just entertains Scott and I so much. We actually had a date planned for tonight and decided to just stay home with her....side note..we have not been on a date since she was born...we need to work on that!! We love sitting in the playroom at night and just watching all the funny things that she does. She is full of noises and learning a few words here and there. So lets break it down and see what little SS is up to these days!
Ok Sarah Scott this is you at 13 months:
* You are drinking only a bottle at night (dropped your AM bottle 2 days ago and your 12 and 4 about 2 weeks ago
* You are in size 3 diapers still but size 4 nighttime diapers (Huggies)
* You are in size 12 months clothes...some pants are still to big and you can still wear some 9 months things
* You are still sleeping through the night..8:30 until about 7:30 or sometimes 8.
* Had your first beach trip this month and first time in the swimming pool (that will be a different blog)
* You have 4 top teeth and 4 bottom teeth...then one coming through in the back left bottom
* Your new words are night night, book and bye
* Mommy still sings you our 3 songs and reads a book at night and daddy always gives you bathtime after dinner
* You love to walk up to us and turn around an back into our laps and let us read to you or to just sit in our lap
* Going through a momma momma momma thing but thats ok I don't mind
* Your everyday meals consist of
Breakfast: Apples and Cin oatmeal
Lunch: hotdog, yogurt and either ravioli or mac and cheese
Snack: Ritz crackers, goldfish, applesauce or fruit cereal bar
Dinner: same as lunch
...Daddy and I have tried LOTS of food but this is pretty much all you will have for right now. I am ok with that as long as you like it. You are drinking Motts kids applejuice and will drink some milk from a cup but not a huge fan.
* Moved to the hippo class at Sunday School
* Still in size 2 shoes.
* You started kissing people alot love to come up to mommy and kiss me on the leg...sweet sweet girl
* You like Barney for about 10 min....I am TOTALLY fine with that...Barney is not much fun for mommy and daddy so you not being in to TV yet is wonderful.
* You say "whoo whoo" when you hear the dogs bark
Overall sweet girl another month has gone by and daddy and I are loving every min with you. SOOO many people comment to us about how you are such a happy girl. You are so friendly with people and smile all the time. You are amazing and we love you more than you know.
Just think SS in a few months you will be a big sister!!!!!

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