Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy 11 months!!!

I really cannot believe this...Sarah Scott will be one next month. They say that children grow sooo fast and I now believe it. It feels like yesterday that I was pregnant with her with feet the size of Texas, kankles, fat cheeks and one large large body...from head to toe. I cant tell you how much we have loved watching SS grow. She is a true joy and we love every second we have with her. She has passed many mile stones this month with her biggest being walking!!! I know this month will pass by fast and she will be sitting in her highchair with a bday cake that says "Happy first" in no time. I will enjoy this last month of her being a baby...once she is one she is all grown up...right?!?!

This is her favorite thing to do..unpack everything in the drawer!!

Hey mommy...oops got caught!

Walking like a big girl!


Ummm this box is sooo good!!


Pretty girl...can you see the drool!

What is she doing now:
Sarah Scott,
First I want to tell you again that we love you soooo much! You are the most important thing to mommy and daddy and we love to spend each second of the day with you. We still have yet to have a date night that we let someone watch you. We just enjoy being with you and would rather not be away from you anytime. This last month has been a big month for you. You have accomplished something very big...You are walking!!!! You are doing very well but will give out and get tired and just sit. Its so cute how you hold your mouth wide open with your arms stretched out when you walk. I think you know that you are a real big girl now that you are walking like mommy and daddy. You are still in size 3 diapers, 9 months clothes, weight about 18 lbs still, still sleeping through the night, have 4 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth (one of this is just now coming through), eating more adult food, love juice more and more and can hold the cup on your own, went to the next class (elephants) in Sunday school, wearing size 2 shoe, got your first swimsuit, tried out the water in a pool, say mommy and dada all the time, tell everyone you see "heeey" and wave to them, shake your head yes to anything we ask you, got your first pop on the leg this month (sorry baby girl) and are obsessed with outlets...no not shopping outlets that's later now its electrical outlets. I'm sure there is more but now lets touch on your food issue.
So you are still eating 4 6 oz bottles a day with maybe 8 oz at night. Well...that is when you feel like it. You seem to go day to day with what you want. One day you might want all formula and spit out all baby food and the next day you are the opposite. I was thinking that maybe you were sick of the same old thing so we have tried, pizza, eggs, noodles, Ritz crackers, Gerber ravioli and canned fruit. All of these things you spit out at us. I was starting to think it was a texture thing but lately you spit out baby food too. I think you are just a independent little thing and only want it your way. Tonight I gave you cows milk for the first time. You loved it. You drank some from a sippy cup and then had half and half in your bottle. We will continue that and go to just milk soon if you like it. Hopefully this eating thing will get better bc you have a big cake coming your way in about a month.
Another big for you was getting tubes. You have been fighting ear infections for a while and Dr.Barfield and I decided tubes were best bet. Last Monday 6/22 you had surgery and did very well. Mommy was not nervous...maybe daddy was a little...bc I see this all the time but you did great and despite your snotty nose the last week your ears are great. I am praying that your allergies will resolve....you get saline spray in that nose at least once a day...mommy hates boogers!!
Overall sweet girl you are getting sooo big. Mommy and daddy love you and I still love reading and singing to you each night...I hope you always let me do that! You are our sweet angel and we love you bigger than the world.
Happy 11 months Sarah Scott...your bday party is coming up soon...I know you will love it!!
Sweet dreams! xoxo

Monday, June 29, 2009

It's a Boy!!!

Well today has been a fun day. Scott was home with us today because we had our sono appt to see what little peanut was. Well, we finally have our answer and we are so excited to welcome a little man to the family. Our appt was today at 1:15 and it took a while but SS was sooo good. Well, she was good but loud. She loves to hear herself talk and is very loud about it. I think every person that walked in the office got a "heeeey"...this seems to be her new word. She is so cute and sweet about it when she says it. Then she has this sound that she loves to make..it sounds like Tuggle (our dog) in another language. She repeats it over and over!!! Well after waiting a while we went back for the sono...it was the long one where everything has to get measured. Right away she points out the umb cord and then says well that is not the umb cord...and yes there it was...what all dads our proud to see....you know what I mean!!! Its a BOY!!!! Scott was thrilled that he would not be out numbered with estrogen in the house! Of course we were happy with whatever the Lord gave us but I think Scott had his heart on a boy so I was happy for him. After meeting with the sonographer we met with our OB and he said that everything looked great. We are still looking at 12/9 as the due date and since I will be getting another Csection (not attempting vbac) we pretty much call the date!!! We are thinking the beginning of Dec but we will see when the time gets closer.
One thing that I was proud of was my weight. I am starting this pregnancy 15lbs heavier than SS and was very worried about that. I asked my doc about where I was with my weight compared to SS at this time. By 17 weeks with SS I had gained 20lbs. I have only gained 4 at 17 wks with this one and that actually puts me 2lbs lighter than with SS at this time. It means a great deal to me bc I have promised myself and Scott..lol...that I would not gain the weight I did with her. I just pray that I am not swollen like I was with SS..that was miserable!!
Well, the hard part now is coming up with a name....we both seem to have several that we like but we don't like each others ideas!!! We HAVE to come up with a name so eventually we will agree....I guess!!
As for other news....SS turns 11 months tom which means that I HAVE to get started on her bday. I am off to browse the Internet for some bday party ideas!!!
Above are some pics of the cutie...the better ones are on DVD!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Babies Daddy!!

So I loved that name for this post since I am here to give a shout out to my babies daddy..SCOTT!! Yes I know Fathers Day was yesterday but I am just now sitting down to write..and I don't have long..SS will be waking up anytime.
We had a wonderful Fathers Day and I really believe Scott had a great time. The morning started out with getting ready for church. Before heading off we sat down to feed SS her breakfast and Scott got his gift. I really struggled with what to get him but eventually came up with a great idea. I put together a picture album of Sarah Scott's life up till June. Each page was a different month that led up to her being 10 months. There were pics of her and her daddy and little side notes about how much she loves him. It turned out great and I was so excited to finally get to give it to him. We headed off to church and then to lunch with my parents and Scott's parents. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and being reminded with any little thing that I would ask that it was Fathers Day...even so much as "honey, would you move down a little so I can have room on the couch"..his response "No, I'm comfortable its Fathers Day"..haha kind of got a kick out of that...but he made room.
Scott I want to tell you that you are amazing and I love you more than you know. I have loved you from the beginning but fall in love with you over and over when I see you with SS. You have always been an amazing husband and you are an amazing father. I love that for me but even more for Sarah Scott that she has you in her life. She is one lucky girl. You are my rock and mean so much to me. You are so hands on with SS and I really cannot ask for more. I hope that this Fathers Day was wonderful for you.
Scott and I both have been blessed with wonderful dads and for that I am grateful. We have dads that love us more that we know and would do anything in the world for us.
One thing that I told my dad yesterday is that you really don't understand Fathers/Mothers Day until you have children of your own. I always knew it was a special day and that we were honoring our moms and dads but I want it to be special even more now that I have SS. You become even more thankful for your parents when you are a parent yourself. You realize all the hard work that goes in to parenting and the overflowing of love that you can't control for your children.
Well, all in all Fathers Day was a wonderful day.
Thank you Lord for my WONDERFUL husband and BEAUTIFUL daughter!!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

This is overdue!!

Well this is a MAJOR overdue blog. I thought about writing for the last week and just have not had the time. SS is doing great and walking like a champ...well when she feels like it..she gets a little lazy sometimes and just crawls.
Lets start this blog off with a little shout out to me.
HAPPY BDAY TO ME HAPPY BDAY TO ME..well you know the rest of that. So today is my bday and I am the big 29! Yes I am lucky enough to still be in the 20's...unlike my husband:) I will enjoy this last year before the big 30 and will not get depressed when it is time to put on my big girl panties and turn 30!! Today was a great day...it began with a little bday song from the husband and many many wishes from friends and family. I felt very special and loved...it was perfect!!
The last week for our family has been a good one. We had a great weekend together. I had to work on Sat but not for long so we got to spend some quality time together. Scott got a side smoker for his bday and had the time of his life cooking a chicken and boston butt on Sunday. He started it late morning and had it cooking for about 6 hours. SS and I spent some time outside with him and she got in her little swimming pool. That night we enjoyed the fruit of Scotts labor...mmmmm....it was sooo good!!

This weekend coming up should be nice and relaxing. I am working again on Sat..but the way that has been going lately it may be a short day!! We will be preparing for Monday....SS is getting tubes! I am actually not nervous one bit. She will be in good hands and it is such a benign procedure to have her feeling well that I am up for it. She has been struggling with recurrent ear infections for quite sometime and I am ready for that to be over.

Well I think I need to hit the sack.....I ate my back out in horrible food today and need to go just be lazy..maybe snuggle up to the hubby for a while...Love you all and promise to write sooner next time.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Step by Step

So our little girl has begun...yep that's right she took 4 steps on her own last night. We are such proud parents. Scott and I were on the floor and she was walking back and forth between us and I let her go and she walked to daddy. I have been hoping that she would take off soon bc I want her walking walking walking by the time baby#2 gets here. We tried with her again this morning but she would not go on her own she kept falling forward.
Well just had to share in our excitement. I will post more "good news" as it happens!!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, June 1, 2009

10 months...well 2 days ago

Well I am late with this posting...Sarah Scott turned the big 10 months on May 30th. Sad to say but I didn't even realize it was the 30th until that night. Scott and I were heading to bed and it hit me that SS was 10 months old. Time is just flying by and I guess it is time to start thinking about a big ONE YEAR b day party!!! Not only has she turned another month older but allergies have hit her like a brick. She had her 9 month pics (a little late:)) on Sat and the poor child had watery eyes and sneezing the entire time that we were outside. I tell her that is the bad gene she got from her daddy. I don't really have allergies but Scott does! So needless to say for the last couple of days she has had a constant runny nose, sneezing and watery eyes. I feel horrible for her bc of her age there is not much to do. She is learning new things each day with the latest being giving you high five. It is so cute she holds her hand in the air and just giggles when you give her five! June is a busy month for us..Scott's bday, my bday, our anniversary and Fathers day...so that means that June will fly by and she will be 11 months in no time!!

What is she doing now:
Sarah Scott you are still in size 3 diapers, doing a great job drinking from a sippy cup by yourself (still need a little help tipping up the cup), sleeping from about 8:30 to 8:30, giving high 5, blowing kisses, enjoying your big girl car seat, walking with just holding one hand for help, waving like a beauty queen to everyone, love water from a straw, crawling so fast around the house, love being licked by Tuggle, climbing up stairs, weigh about 18lbs, still love bath time, cry when mommy leaves the room (daddy said I really have to break you of that), love sitting in your high chair to watch mommy/daddy in the kitchen or watch the dogs eat, get a little freaked out look when mommy vaccums, have a tooth on the top right that came through last week, have ALLERGIES, love to talk (not sure of what you are saying), you humm when mommy sings to you at night, love reading books (you help turn the page), sleep with a blanket in the crib now, wear 9 months clothes and between 1-2 size shoe (most 2 are too big), give great wet kisses to mommy and daddy!! GROWING GROWING GROWING I wish we could slow that down some bc we love taking care of you. Sweet girl you are so precious to mommy and daddy and we will always love you more than you know.

I have posted a pic with SS and Minnie she likes to give her kisses...so enjoy SS giving her a big hug!!