Monday, June 29, 2009

It's a Boy!!!

Well today has been a fun day. Scott was home with us today because we had our sono appt to see what little peanut was. Well, we finally have our answer and we are so excited to welcome a little man to the family. Our appt was today at 1:15 and it took a while but SS was sooo good. Well, she was good but loud. She loves to hear herself talk and is very loud about it. I think every person that walked in the office got a "heeeey"...this seems to be her new word. She is so cute and sweet about it when she says it. Then she has this sound that she loves to sounds like Tuggle (our dog) in another language. She repeats it over and over!!! Well after waiting a while we went back for the was the long one where everything has to get measured. Right away she points out the umb cord and then says well that is not the umb cord...and yes there it was...what all dads our proud to know what I mean!!! Its a BOY!!!! Scott was thrilled that he would not be out numbered with estrogen in the house! Of course we were happy with whatever the Lord gave us but I think Scott had his heart on a boy so I was happy for him. After meeting with the sonographer we met with our OB and he said that everything looked great. We are still looking at 12/9 as the due date and since I will be getting another Csection (not attempting vbac) we pretty much call the date!!! We are thinking the beginning of Dec but we will see when the time gets closer.
One thing that I was proud of was my weight. I am starting this pregnancy 15lbs heavier than SS and was very worried about that. I asked my doc about where I was with my weight compared to SS at this time. By 17 weeks with SS I had gained 20lbs. I have only gained 4 at 17 wks with this one and that actually puts me 2lbs lighter than with SS at this time. It means a great deal to me bc I have promised myself and I would not gain the weight I did with her. I just pray that I am not swollen like I was with SS..that was miserable!!
Well, the hard part now is coming up with a name....we both seem to have several that we like but we don't like each others ideas!!! We HAVE to come up with a name so eventually we will agree....I guess!!
As for other news....SS turns 11 months tom which means that I HAVE to get started on her bday. I am off to browse the Internet for some bday party ideas!!!
Above are some pics of the cutie...the better ones are on DVD!!


  1. Congratulations to you both! I'm so excited for you! I know you will look fabulous no matter what ;) Good luck planning the birthday party for your little one!

  2. Congrats again! I am so excited for you all. Little boys really are a lot of fun! :) I can't believe that SS is almost 1!!! It seems like yesterday I was picking out a card for ya'll and Matt was calling to say she was here! :) Congrats! Hope to see you soon!

  3. SO excited about this little guy!! Can't wait until he comes. Congrats about the weight - I know that was a big thing with me, too. Keep up the good work. Good luck planning SS's bday! If you need anything let me know!