Thursday, June 18, 2009

This is overdue!!

Well this is a MAJOR overdue blog. I thought about writing for the last week and just have not had the time. SS is doing great and walking like a champ...well when she feels like it..she gets a little lazy sometimes and just crawls.
Lets start this blog off with a little shout out to me.
HAPPY BDAY TO ME HAPPY BDAY TO ME..well you know the rest of that. So today is my bday and I am the big 29! Yes I am lucky enough to still be in the 20's...unlike my husband:) I will enjoy this last year before the big 30 and will not get depressed when it is time to put on my big girl panties and turn 30!! Today was a great began with a little bday song from the husband and many many wishes from friends and family. I felt very special and was perfect!!
The last week for our family has been a good one. We had a great weekend together. I had to work on Sat but not for long so we got to spend some quality time together. Scott got a side smoker for his bday and had the time of his life cooking a chicken and boston butt on Sunday. He started it late morning and had it cooking for about 6 hours. SS and I spent some time outside with him and she got in her little swimming pool. That night we enjoyed the fruit of Scotts was sooo good!!

This weekend coming up should be nice and relaxing. I am working again on Sat..but the way that has been going lately it may be a short day!! We will be preparing for Monday....SS is getting tubes! I am actually not nervous one bit. She will be in good hands and it is such a benign procedure to have her feeling well that I am up for it. She has been struggling with recurrent ear infections for quite sometime and I am ready for that to be over.

Well I think I need to hit the sack.....I ate my back out in horrible food today and need to go just be lazy..maybe snuggle up to the hubby for a while...Love you all and promise to write sooner next time.

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  1. Happy B-day a day late! :) I do have to say 30 is not so bad! I was dreading it, but I do have to say that so far it has been great! :) All though I have started celebrating the anniversary of my 29th birthday instead of keeping count! :) I will keep you all in my thoughts on Monday and wish SS a speedy recovery. How are you feeling? I keep telling Matt that we all need to get together before SS and Kellen go off to college! :) Thanks for saying that he looks like me...everyone says he looks so much like Matt. He has my eyes, but other than that I think he looks SO much like Matt...I will have to see if I can put our baby pictures up with Kellen's and see who he looks like more. Well I better run, as this has turned into a novel! :) Happy Friday!