Monday, June 22, 2009

My Babies Daddy!!

So I loved that name for this post since I am here to give a shout out to my babies daddy..SCOTT!! Yes I know Fathers Day was yesterday but I am just now sitting down to write..and I don't have long..SS will be waking up anytime.
We had a wonderful Fathers Day and I really believe Scott had a great time. The morning started out with getting ready for church. Before heading off we sat down to feed SS her breakfast and Scott got his gift. I really struggled with what to get him but eventually came up with a great idea. I put together a picture album of Sarah Scott's life up till June. Each page was a different month that led up to her being 10 months. There were pics of her and her daddy and little side notes about how much she loves him. It turned out great and I was so excited to finally get to give it to him. We headed off to church and then to lunch with my parents and Scott's parents. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and being reminded with any little thing that I would ask that it was Fathers Day...even so much as "honey, would you move down a little so I can have room on the couch"..his response "No, I'm comfortable its Fathers Day"..haha kind of got a kick out of that...but he made room.
Scott I want to tell you that you are amazing and I love you more than you know. I have loved you from the beginning but fall in love with you over and over when I see you with SS. You have always been an amazing husband and you are an amazing father. I love that for me but even more for Sarah Scott that she has you in her life. She is one lucky girl. You are my rock and mean so much to me. You are so hands on with SS and I really cannot ask for more. I hope that this Fathers Day was wonderful for you.
Scott and I both have been blessed with wonderful dads and for that I am grateful. We have dads that love us more that we know and would do anything in the world for us.
One thing that I told my dad yesterday is that you really don't understand Fathers/Mothers Day until you have children of your own. I always knew it was a special day and that we were honoring our moms and dads but I want it to be special even more now that I have SS. You become even more thankful for your parents when you are a parent yourself. You realize all the hard work that goes in to parenting and the overflowing of love that you can't control for your children.
Well, all in all Fathers Day was a wonderful day.
Thank you Lord for my WONDERFUL husband and BEAUTIFUL daughter!!


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