Thursday, October 29, 2009

Push present early!!

Thank you to my wonderful husband for this nice surprise!! So if you are wondering what a push present is...I was too until I had SS. These days momma is to get a gift...a nice one...for all the hard work that she does delivering those cute little babies. I think its a great idea. Unfortunately I did not get one with SS and really did not care but Scott surprised me with an early one with little man. I have been wanting a new camera. Not that I will ever REALLY learn how to use it but one that will take pics of SS and focus fast enough before she moves. It has been impossible to get pics of her lately.
Earlier this week I got a Nikon in the mail that Scott had purchased for me and I was extremely excited. I have been trying to work with it the last several days and I think I have alot to learn. I am looking forward to getting many many pics of SS and little man in the future.
Thank you honey for my gift...I know you will be glad to here less of me talking about how much I need a new camera.

Off that subject SS and I are off to a girls only shopping trip this weekend. For many many years it has been tradition that the girls on my moms side of the family go on a weekend long trip to shop around this time each year. When this first started we would go to Boaz, Alabama and my grandfather would come along and drive us around. After he passed away my uncle took his job and he was our driver and would hold a walky talky so we could tell him where to come and get all the bags at. Yes yes I know that's serious shopping. Well he has stepped down from his job too and now its just the ladies. We have also moved our shopping much closer. We spend the weekend in Dawsonville and hit Commerce on the way home. Its a fun time together and we love going each year. SS was a trooper last year, however she was 3 months old and slept most of the time. This year she is mobile mobile and I was not going to take her...well that did not go over well with the fam. I got the impression that there was no point in me coming if she was not going to be there. So SS will be coming along..and I am glad.. we will have a great time with her.
Well, I am off to get some needed rest before my hard weekend of spending money!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Productive Monday

SS and I usually take it pretty easy on Monday but I felt like we were nonstop today. We woke up around 8:15 this morning and she ate her oatmeal and I had my coffee and toast. hit me..I think I have a OB appt today. Called the office and for sure I had an appt at 11:00. No sitting around and enjoying the today show!!
I got ready and we headed for the appt that went well. They said that I had gained 2lbs but according to MY calculations only 1lb!! Otherwise the appt went well. I am 33 weeks tomorrow and the heartbeat was strong. We did confirm that I will have a c-section on 12/3. Now we all need to pray that this baby stays put until at least 12/2. For certain ins reasons that would be the best thing for us!
We headed home just in time to meet Scott for lunch. We were able to enjoy his lunch hour with him and then SS went down for a nap. I caught up on some internet time....dreaming of a new house... and then took a short nap myself. I am really aching all over the last couple of days and getting comfortable has not been easy.
SS slept for about 2 hours ..whoo hoo.. and then she was up and ready to go!!
As you all know SS had her b-day several months ago. Scott and I had been wanting to get a friend to make her a bookshelf so SS was given some money on her b-day to purchase her bookshelf. I have been holding on to that $ until I could get the bookshelf made. Well with all that is going on planning for little mans arrival...I decided to purchase one instead of getting it made and then having to have it painted. I had been looking all over and really only found cute affordable ones at Target.
Today I wanted the bookshelf and was not willing to wait another day. I wanted it purchased and in her room so that it could be marked off my to do list!! So SS and I headed to Target after her nap and got it. Of course it comes in a box and requires assembly but I knew the right person for that job...Scott!!
We got home right around 4:45 and Scott got home at 5:00 and we were off to the grocery store. I love it when Scott goes to the grocery store with me....he picks out dinner food that I don't get bc I cant cook!!!
Once we got home and settled Scott brought in the bookshelf but was not going to get to it until tomorrow bc of Monday night football. Well control freak me wanted it done TONIGHT!!
I have never in my life put anything together but I was going to try this. After about 2 hours and putting one shelf on backwards..(thank goodness I caught it before the whole thing was complete)...I DID IT!!! Yes yes I am soooo proud of myself!! It looks great in her room and matches her furniture great.
Now I just have to talk SS into leaving everything on it!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another weekend gone by

I can't believe the weekend is gone. This is the first weekend that I have not worked in a while and I have enjoyed it. If you don't already know we only have about 6 weeks left until we have a new addition to the family and let me tell you...WE ARE NOT READY!! Scott does not seem to be stressing about this but me that's a different story. My goal for this weekend was to finish clearing out little mans room and complete our room (we have been moving furniture around in our room and making room for clothes). Scott has done a great job the last few weekends that I have been working of organizing and dejunking!! BUT, we still had A LOT to do!!
The house is a wreck and it is really driving me crazy..I do not do well with clutter! Being almost 33 weeks prego I really do not have the strength to clean all this and my sciatic nerve is really kicking in..ok no more complaining. BUT it has to be done and I really don't want anyones help bc they don't know where to put things so I have to put my big girl panties on and just do it...yes yes Scott is helping don't let me give you the wrong idea. He has been WONDERFUL, but remember I am a control freak and some things I like to do on my own. Right now I would like to be cleaning some things but Scott made me stop and take a rest!!
So anyway, Sat we focused on having all our clothes that have been in the guest room moved out and organized in our room and yes that was accomplished. We completed our room so all that is left is moving the few things out of his room.
My aunt had called me earlier in the week asking if SS could come over Sat night bc Claire was coming home from college. Scott and I had no plans to do anything but I knew we could come up with something. We had plans to get a pumpkin before dropping her off but with the rain that changed. We took her to Sheryl's around 445 and Scott and I had dinner at Macaroni grill and went to register at Buy Buy Baby. We had planned to pick her up around 7 but registering took forever. Wow, not only do we not agree on a boys name but everything I like for this little man is "gay" according to Scott!!! We registered for just some boy things..all the big things we already have from SS. We ended up getting SS a little later than expected but the fam had a great time with her.
Today we did more organizing and things are progressing. No, I did not get his room completely cleaned out but that's bc I had some me time today.
Scott stayed home with SS this afternoon and I met up with Christin and we shopped for the girls...well I did shopping she did not get anything. With the change in weather SS had NOTHING to wear and was in desperate need. I got her some cute things and thanks to Christin she delivered an entire bag of Mary Hil's was great!! So SS is set for a while or at least for the next several weeks when we go on our annual girls shopping trip..whoo hoo!!
Tonight my parents came by to see SS...they have been in Haiti for a week!! They were so excited to see her and she loved seeing them. Scott cooked a wonderful dinner and just like that the weekend is over.
Overall we did get alot done this weekend but I am anxious to get furniture in the room (that will hopefully happen this weekend) and paint on the wall. Little mans chair I ordered should be in in about 2 weeks.
To update all of you on the name situation...we are still working on this. Scott came up with the brilliant(haha) idea of recording us flipping a coin and the best out of 3 wins. I said ok in hopes that I would win. I chose heads and he was tails and I recorded this sad sad moment when I lost and the name Ford Daniel won. I mean how sad is this that we CANNOT come to an agreement on the name. He is saying Ford is the name bc I clearly lost and we said the game would make it official...but a game to name a child...ughhh I just can't do it. Maybe if I had won it would be different!! So for now as far as I am concerned this baby boy is still nameless!!
Lord help us is about all I know to say!!!!
Well I am off to vacuum the kitchen...if Scott will let me!!
Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

31 week check up

A little late on this post too but I had my check up on Monday. Everything went well and little mans heart rate sounded wonderful. I gained another 3lbs which puts me at 18 lbs since getting prego. I have really started to swell in my legs over the last couple of weeks...but I can deal bc it is no where near the swelling I had with SS. I have started to get uncomfortable bc he is living in my right I told Scott I think he may come out with a permanent indention on his foot bc I push him out so much. I am definitely carrying much lower with him than with SS and trust me I can tell....I feel like I have to hold him in sometimes. We are still looking at 39 weeks for induction bc I want to get past Thanksgiving.
We are very behind on getting his room ready. We have been very blessed though with the furniture aspect. Little man will be getting my bosses youngest sons furniture and I am so excited about that. We did order little man a new chair for his room this week and I cant wait for that to come in. My sis n law is working on his bedding...God Bless her...and I know it will look wonderful. Overall we have ALOT to do and it will get done eventually....but Lord willing I CANNOT go into labor early!!!!
We still have not decided on a name simply bc we disagree. I am so ready to finalize something but someone has to give in first! We are still deciding between Hampton Cole and Ford Daniel....any suggestions or advise???
As I have said before I have been terrible about taking pics and journaling through this pregnancy but here is a pic of me at 31 weeks!!!

SS 14 months

So I am late posting this but we have been so busy making room for little man and I have been too exhausted at night to sit at the computer and write. SS turned 14 months 9-30. I really cant believe that she is growing so fast. She is becoming like a grown up...with an attitude that is!!! I know she gets it from me I will be the first to admit that...but wow she really shows herself sometimes. She makes us laugh and we just love each min with her. Its amazing how fast the months are going by.

Sarah Scott...mommy and daddy cant begin to tell you what a precious little girl you are. You have really taken off over the last month with trying to talk. Here is what you are up to these days:
*In size 3 shoes
*Still in size 3 diapers (huggies) and size 4 nighttime diapers
*Have decided that you LOVE eat peaches and mandarin oranges all the time. You seem to like grapes and apples one day but not the next.
* Your meals are still the same as last month but you added fruit. You don't venture out of mac and cheese much and not a big fan of ravioli anymore.
*In size 12 months pants although some are still too big in the waist
*weigh 20 lbs
* have 12 teeth
* Nightly routine of bathing, reading and singing has not changed
*You are still going to bed around 8:30 but waking up around 715 or so...sometimes you get so tired and I put you down at 8
* still taking 2 naps during the day but you can skip your AM nap if you need to
* Recently began lifting shirts to look at belly buttons...I think you learned that from one of your peek a boo books.
* Your new words this month are apple (ah boo), bow, tuggle (guggle)and poo poo
*You point to where your nose and hair is if you are asked.
*You love to roar like a lion.
* Started to hit and bite and daddy and I are trying to break you of that. You bit your cousin Addi very hard the other day and mommy 2 times in the last several days. The hitting is not fun either so we are trying to teach you what gentle means.
* No more bottles only juice and milk in the sippy cup.
* You have been sick this month with a diaper rash...we have really struggled to figure out what was causing this and some GI symptoms that you are having. Dr.Getts thought you may be lactose intolerant but I think that we have ruled that out. You seem to be getting better and that makes mommy very happy.
*You have started to sit and open books and just mumble anything like you are reading...I love that!
You are growing up is all mommy can say. You are my sweet little angel!!
Your little brother will be here soon!!!
Mommy and daddy love you more than you know.