Monday, October 19, 2009

Productive Monday

SS and I usually take it pretty easy on Monday but I felt like we were nonstop today. We woke up around 8:15 this morning and she ate her oatmeal and I had my coffee and toast. hit me..I think I have a OB appt today. Called the office and for sure I had an appt at 11:00. No sitting around and enjoying the today show!!
I got ready and we headed for the appt that went well. They said that I had gained 2lbs but according to MY calculations only 1lb!! Otherwise the appt went well. I am 33 weeks tomorrow and the heartbeat was strong. We did confirm that I will have a c-section on 12/3. Now we all need to pray that this baby stays put until at least 12/2. For certain ins reasons that would be the best thing for us!
We headed home just in time to meet Scott for lunch. We were able to enjoy his lunch hour with him and then SS went down for a nap. I caught up on some internet time....dreaming of a new house... and then took a short nap myself. I am really aching all over the last couple of days and getting comfortable has not been easy.
SS slept for about 2 hours ..whoo hoo.. and then she was up and ready to go!!
As you all know SS had her b-day several months ago. Scott and I had been wanting to get a friend to make her a bookshelf so SS was given some money on her b-day to purchase her bookshelf. I have been holding on to that $ until I could get the bookshelf made. Well with all that is going on planning for little mans arrival...I decided to purchase one instead of getting it made and then having to have it painted. I had been looking all over and really only found cute affordable ones at Target.
Today I wanted the bookshelf and was not willing to wait another day. I wanted it purchased and in her room so that it could be marked off my to do list!! So SS and I headed to Target after her nap and got it. Of course it comes in a box and requires assembly but I knew the right person for that job...Scott!!
We got home right around 4:45 and Scott got home at 5:00 and we were off to the grocery store. I love it when Scott goes to the grocery store with me....he picks out dinner food that I don't get bc I cant cook!!!
Once we got home and settled Scott brought in the bookshelf but was not going to get to it until tomorrow bc of Monday night football. Well control freak me wanted it done TONIGHT!!
I have never in my life put anything together but I was going to try this. After about 2 hours and putting one shelf on backwards..(thank goodness I caught it before the whole thing was complete)...I DID IT!!! Yes yes I am soooo proud of myself!! It looks great in her room and matches her furniture great.
Now I just have to talk SS into leaving everything on it!!

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  1. You are a hoot!!! How do you find all the energy that you do??? I love the bookshelf! I am the same way when I want something done and want it off the list I try and do it myself...that is what happend with Kellens glider. It came in pieces and Matt was working me being 8 months prego carried it up the stairs piece by piece and put it together! :o) I then sat in it and rocked and just enjoyed my accomplishment! :o) SO excited to meet little man!!!