Thursday, October 8, 2009

31 week check up

A little late on this post too but I had my check up on Monday. Everything went well and little mans heart rate sounded wonderful. I gained another 3lbs which puts me at 18 lbs since getting prego. I have really started to swell in my legs over the last couple of weeks...but I can deal bc it is no where near the swelling I had with SS. I have started to get uncomfortable bc he is living in my right I told Scott I think he may come out with a permanent indention on his foot bc I push him out so much. I am definitely carrying much lower with him than with SS and trust me I can tell....I feel like I have to hold him in sometimes. We are still looking at 39 weeks for induction bc I want to get past Thanksgiving.
We are very behind on getting his room ready. We have been very blessed though with the furniture aspect. Little man will be getting my bosses youngest sons furniture and I am so excited about that. We did order little man a new chair for his room this week and I cant wait for that to come in. My sis n law is working on his bedding...God Bless her...and I know it will look wonderful. Overall we have ALOT to do and it will get done eventually....but Lord willing I CANNOT go into labor early!!!!
We still have not decided on a name simply bc we disagree. I am so ready to finalize something but someone has to give in first! We are still deciding between Hampton Cole and Ford Daniel....any suggestions or advise???
As I have said before I have been terrible about taking pics and journaling through this pregnancy but here is a pic of me at 31 weeks!!!


  1. You look SO cute!!! I still LOVE, LOVE the name Hampton Cole! I am sure that his room will be very cute...I love the fabric that you found! Can't wait to see you all in Jan and meet the newest Whitfield! :o)

  2. You look great!!!!! I like the name hampton cole! just my opinion ;) Ly

  3. My vote is for Hampton Cole; LOVE the name and it's not common (I can't stand over-used baby names).
    You look amazing! 18 lbs in 31 weeks should make you VERY proud, you're all belly!

  4. you look GREAT!!

    and it looks like i'm the only who likes Ford Daniel -- but, that's my vote.

    i miss you!!

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