Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another weekend gone by

I can't believe the weekend is gone. This is the first weekend that I have not worked in a while and I have enjoyed it. If you don't already know we only have about 6 weeks left until we have a new addition to the family and let me tell you...WE ARE NOT READY!! Scott does not seem to be stressing about this but me that's a different story. My goal for this weekend was to finish clearing out little mans room and complete our room (we have been moving furniture around in our room and making room for clothes). Scott has done a great job the last few weekends that I have been working of organizing and dejunking!! BUT, we still had A LOT to do!!
The house is a wreck and it is really driving me crazy..I do not do well with clutter! Being almost 33 weeks prego I really do not have the strength to clean all this and my sciatic nerve is really kicking in..ok no more complaining. BUT it has to be done and I really don't want anyones help bc they don't know where to put things so I have to put my big girl panties on and just do it...yes yes Scott is helping don't let me give you the wrong idea. He has been WONDERFUL, but remember I am a control freak and some things I like to do on my own. Right now I would like to be cleaning some things but Scott made me stop and take a rest!!
So anyway, Sat we focused on having all our clothes that have been in the guest room moved out and organized in our room and yes that was accomplished. We completed our room so all that is left is moving the few things out of his room.
My aunt had called me earlier in the week asking if SS could come over Sat night bc Claire was coming home from college. Scott and I had no plans to do anything but I knew we could come up with something. We had plans to get a pumpkin before dropping her off but with the rain that changed. We took her to Sheryl's around 445 and Scott and I had dinner at Macaroni grill and went to register at Buy Buy Baby. We had planned to pick her up around 7 but registering took forever. Wow, not only do we not agree on a boys name but everything I like for this little man is "gay" according to Scott!!! We registered for just some boy things..all the big things we already have from SS. We ended up getting SS a little later than expected but the fam had a great time with her.
Today we did more organizing and things are progressing. No, I did not get his room completely cleaned out but that's bc I had some me time today.
Scott stayed home with SS this afternoon and I met up with Christin and we shopped for the girls...well I did shopping she did not get anything. With the change in weather SS had NOTHING to wear and was in desperate need. I got her some cute things and thanks to Christin she delivered an entire bag of Mary Hil's was great!! So SS is set for a while or at least for the next several weeks when we go on our annual girls shopping trip..whoo hoo!!
Tonight my parents came by to see SS...they have been in Haiti for a week!! They were so excited to see her and she loved seeing them. Scott cooked a wonderful dinner and just like that the weekend is over.
Overall we did get alot done this weekend but I am anxious to get furniture in the room (that will hopefully happen this weekend) and paint on the wall. Little mans chair I ordered should be in in about 2 weeks.
To update all of you on the name situation...we are still working on this. Scott came up with the brilliant(haha) idea of recording us flipping a coin and the best out of 3 wins. I said ok in hopes that I would win. I chose heads and he was tails and I recorded this sad sad moment when I lost and the name Ford Daniel won. I mean how sad is this that we CANNOT come to an agreement on the name. He is saying Ford is the name bc I clearly lost and we said the game would make it official...but a game to name a child...ughhh I just can't do it. Maybe if I had won it would be different!! So for now as far as I am concerned this baby boy is still nameless!!
Lord help us is about all I know to say!!!!
Well I am off to vacuum the kitchen...if Scott will let me!!
Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Sounds like you were a bunch of busy, busy bees this weekend. I am sure that his room will be too cute when it is all done! :o) Just to make you feel a little better I have two other friends having little boys in Jan and they can't decide on names either (and both are the 2nd child, maybe that is what it is)! :o) Have a great week!