Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy 9 months Sarah Scott

Yes I know I can't believe it either!!! Time has gone by so fast. I feel like it was only a month or two ago that we were bringing her home and now I find myself trying to plan her 1st birthday party!! Sarah Scott has been an amazing little girl and has made this transition into parenthood pretty darn easy! She is growing more and more each day and I will say I just love hearing her say "mommamomma." LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!
If you read my previous post SS had been not eating very well at the end of last week. Well that developed into the stomach virus...just the diarrhea thank goodness!! She has been a trooper sucking down some pedialyte..but had her momma pretty worried. Scott was home with her today and they celebrated her 9 month bday at the pediatricians office. She is better just very tired tonight...she actually went to bed about an hour early...she was exhausted and wanted to go spread out in her crib. Not that she does not get enough love but she really gets spoiled when mommy knows that she does not feel good!!
So to you Sarah Scott....
Hey sweet girl mommy and daddy want you to know that you have become such a big girl. Over the last month you have really started to walk all around the furniture, you crawl ..I think faster than I can run..., love watching the dogs, have decided that you just do not like veggies, tried Yo baby yogurt for the first time but not sure about it, decided that you are ready to get out of your car seat, now weigh 18lbs, make a kissing sound when we ask for a kiss, will make the kissing sound when we tell you that we love you, say momma and dada and actually know who they are, stand in your crib in the morning and watch daddy across the hall brushing his teeth and fixing his hair, really do not like having your diaper changed, in a size 3 diapers, look so cute in all your new summer dresses, have become very vocal when we are out in public and still sleeping very well. You go to bed around 8:30 after we read a book and sing our 3 songs ("You are my sunshine"(we sing that 2x), "Jesus loves Sarah Scott" and "Jesus loves the little children")You sleep on your tummy with your hands tucked under you and that cute little butt straight up in the air!!! You will sleep until about 7:45 or give us plenty of rest. You are doing well in Sunday school with all the other boys and girls and they even told mommy that you will soon be going to the next class bc you are so mobile and taking other babies toys...I guess we need to work on sharing!! I love how when you see mommy or daddy after its been a while that you just smile the biggest smile ever. We love you Sarah Scott and can't wait to see all the new things that you will learn over the next month. Sweet dreams my angel.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Well its been a long day...I recently got home from a 12 hour shift at the hospital and it was not so bad...doable (is that a word). One thing that was nice is I got to see some family members while I was there. My Nannie was in a car wreck earlier this week and broke her leg. Please pray for her if you remember...she is doing well but has bronchitis that is keeping her admitted for the meantime. It will be a long and hard road to recovery over the next 6 weeks or so. Please pray for quick healing for her and for my family members that will be taking care of her.
So I stopped at 5 guys on the way home and picked up dinner for Scott and I....mmmmmm a cheese burger and fries..YUMMY!!
Scott and SS had a great day together but she is not wanting to eat over the last several days. Ya know as a first time mom you worry about everything. No fever and really not fussy but just does not care about eating. Like tonight she normally would have a jar of veggies and fruit with a 4 oz bottle...all she had was 1 oz of her bottle. Maybe its the teething but I don't like it. First off it messes with the schedule that I have her on and second it makes me worry!! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for her.
Maybe tomorrow we can go see Nannie. That will make her day.
Well I am off to bed..early..but we have to get up early for church but first a letter to my little girl.
Sarah Scott,
Mommy wanted to tell you that I started this blog because I am really bad about updating your baby book with your "first" and the different milestones that you will reach. I also want to keep track of our family week by week so that when you get older you will be able to look back at what went on in your life. Mommy wants to make more of an effort to write directly to you and talk to you about life, how much I love you and how proud daddy and I are of you. So I promise to each week write to you! Tonight I want to start by telling you that you make daddy and me laugh. I love how now when I tell you no that you look at me and shake your head no!!! Each min of the day you make me smile and I love you so much. I really missed you today but I know that daddy so enjoys spending time with you. He said that you were very good today other than not wanting to eat. You napped for him and had fun daddy daughter time. You are sleeping now and I am getting ready to go pray over you. I love watching you sleep and that is my time to lay hands on you and pray Gods many blessings over you. Sweet dreams angel. Mwah!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kisses from Sarah Scott

Yes I have a smoocher on my hands....and I LOVE IT!!!
So, like any parents we kiss SS all the time and she hears the "smack" noise of the kiss each time. Scotts mom has been trying to teach SS how to blow a kiss and she has all of it down except the hand motions. I just love it. You can say "give mommy a kiss"....and she will kiss the air!!!
It makes my heart smile...especially when shortly after she says "momamamamamama!"
Mommy loves you sweet girl more that you will ever know. You make my heart smile!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Super Dad

So that is what he called himself today!!! We were chatting today about life and having Sarah Scott and I began to question this and that....typical for me to worry...and Scott replied with "it will be fine you have super dad." So I have been thinking about that comment since early today and never realized that I do have super dad as a husband. Scott is a wonderful provider, protector, listener etc...I could go one forever. I have always know that he is a good husband and dad but I have never sat down to really think about TRULY how amazing he is. I am so thankful that Sarah Scott will grow up with a gentle father one that loves her more than the world and would give her anything and everything she ever needed. He will love her no matter what and guide her down the path the Lord has laid for her.
With caring for Sarah Scott he is ALWAYS there to you may be thinking well sure he is her dad he should be...but really alot of dads these days just are not as involved as moms and we end up carrying most of the load. I have to say not with this family. He cares for her every needs just as much as me. I am always free to go wherever or just take a break and he is there to take over.
So basically this is a shout out to you honey. SS and I love you more than you know and appreciate you and all you do for us. You are the best father and husband that any wife or little girl could ask for. You are the perfect example of what SS will look for in a husband many many years down the road. Thank you for loving us like you do. We feel like we are the 2 most important girls in the world!!!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Sunday

Well it has been a while since I last posted and I have alot to talk about and share with you about how SS has grown soooo much but I only have a min. SS is down for a nap and I am pretty positive she will not be napping long. My house is a disaster and I feel sand on my toes as I walk on the kitchen floor...that is what really puts me in a mood...I love my dogs but man their feet make a mess!!! So needless to say I have some picking up to do. SS looked beautiful on Easter so I thought I would share a few photos. We went to church and had dinner with my family then went to Scotts parents to visit. The Easter bunny did come see SS but she was not able to see her basket until that night...bc we were sooo busy! I have posted a few pics and I hope that you enjoy!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Masters and Easter week

What a big week this always is in Augusta. The week that little ole Augusta is the most exciting place for people to be especially those that love golf. I will have to say that even if you don't enjoy me...the National is a beautiful place and I feel should be experienced by all. I will have to say I do dread some of this week bc we live RIGHT by the National and traffic is...well....TERRIBLE. SS and I got in the car to go Publix today and what should have taken us about 5 min to get there turned in to a 30 min ride. Annoying but it gave me a great chance to people thing that I love to do. I guess if you really think about it that just means I like to stare at Anyways this should be a pretty crazy week around our neighborhood but..this too shall pass!!!
Scott will be enjoying the Masters on Saturday and possibly Sunday. He is lucky to get to go every year!!
Well the other big event for the week is Easter Sunday. The day that we as Christians celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and the promise of eternal life with Him. As I write about eternal life it is something that I just cant that is forever. My mind cant fathom that...BUT...I love it. To spend eternity with our Lord..what a privilege.
I guess church will be a little more packed this the "creasters"...those that only come to church on Christmas and Easter!! At least they come right!!!
So SS is continuing to get so big and makes Scott and I just smile. She is so precious and seems so much bigger each day. She has been doing this thing where she nods her head up and down like she is saying yes and over the last 2 days she is now going the opposite direction...she is now nodding her head like she is saying no. It is so funny. The entire time I am feeding her tonight she is nodding no. I just love that little girl!!
I will post pics of her in her Sunday Easter outfit!!! Have a wonderful week!!

Thank you Lord for life that you have given to me. For giving your life so that I could live. Thank you for preparing a place for me to spend eternity with you. Lord, help me to serve you more each day.