Saturday, April 18, 2009

Super Dad

So that is what he called himself today!!! We were chatting today about life and having Sarah Scott and I began to question this and that....typical for me to worry...and Scott replied with "it will be fine you have super dad." So I have been thinking about that comment since early today and never realized that I do have super dad as a husband. Scott is a wonderful provider, protector, listener etc...I could go one forever. I have always know that he is a good husband and dad but I have never sat down to really think about TRULY how amazing he is. I am so thankful that Sarah Scott will grow up with a gentle father one that loves her more than the world and would give her anything and everything she ever needed. He will love her no matter what and guide her down the path the Lord has laid for her.
With caring for Sarah Scott he is ALWAYS there to you may be thinking well sure he is her dad he should be...but really alot of dads these days just are not as involved as moms and we end up carrying most of the load. I have to say not with this family. He cares for her every needs just as much as me. I am always free to go wherever or just take a break and he is there to take over.
So basically this is a shout out to you honey. SS and I love you more than you know and appreciate you and all you do for us. You are the best father and husband that any wife or little girl could ask for. You are the perfect example of what SS will look for in a husband many many years down the road. Thank you for loving us like you do. We feel like we are the 2 most important girls in the world!!!


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  1. That is too cute! Thanks for your post, it made me think about how lucky I am to have Matt in my life and how little I have said thank you to him for all he has done lately! It is amazing how after being with him for 10 years I just assume he knows that I love him and I am glad he is in my life! So thanks for the reminder that I need to say thank you more often! :) Hope to see you soon!