Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day at the Whitfield's

Happy Memorial Day from one cute little girl!! Gotta love the purple sunglasses!!
Today has been relaxing..well somewhat..but overall enjoyable. Sarah Scott and I started off the morning with a walk around the neighborhood with Tina and her 2 dogs. I am feeling quite large these days and so a little exercise is what I needed. When we got home SS went down for a well needed nap and I was able to get showered for the rest of the plans for the day. Scott and I were wanting to get SS a baby pool so other than a few other things on the "we need" list we didn't have much to do. We headed out to Chick fil A for lunch and then off to Target. We were able to find SS a cute little baby pool for the wonderful price of $5.00 and headed home to give it a try. It was SS time for a nap but I figured just let her play. She loves bath water and playing in the tub so I really thought she would love this but...not so much! We were out in the pool for all of about 15 min. She cried then laughed then cried then laughed. Scott thinks that I had the water a little to cool for her..maybe.. but she wanted out!! SS went down for another nap and so did Scott and I.
Once SS was awake we played some and then enjoyed a WONDERFUL cooked dinner from chef Scott. The menu was as follows:
* Steak marinated in a honey teriyaki sauce
* Grilled onions and pineapple..mmmmm:)
* Corn that was cooked on the grill
* red potatoes that were baked and seasoned up like something good:)!!!!!
He is one great husband, dad and COOK!!!!!
Thanks honey for the wonderful dinner!!
The night ended with Scott giving SS a bath and putting her down for bed and me vacuuming, mopping and doing laundry..FUN FUN FUN!!!
Off to bed for another work week!!
Enjoy some pics of SS in the pool!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

hitting the sack

..that's where I want to be! Today has been a long day and I am very tired. I was scheduled to work at UH today from 7-7 but was cancelled this AM at 6. Let me stop and tell you how annoying this is. You get up at 5:30 get showered your hair dry and sit down to enjoy a bowl of cheerios and ....ring ring..."Hi this is so and so on 10NS and you are being cancelled today" "Ok great thanks" is how I respond but in the back on my mind I am so frustrated. Yes it is nice to get to go back to bed but heck I am up and basically ready to go. So this morning that happened to me... so back to bed I went but then the phone rang at 8:15
"Hi Deborah Anne this is staffing at UH the ER is in need of some help and I was wondering if you would like to come in"
...I sit and think bc the ER is somewhere that I have never been before but heck why not
"Sure but you need to know that I have never been to the ER so I don't know how much help I will be"
Yes nursing is nursing anywhere that you go but the ER is a totally different world.
So needless to say I got there at about 945 and worked until 7. It was a great learning exp but man did I feel pretty incompetent at times. Like when I was asked to get orthostatic BP's on a pt...sure I can do that...go in the room oh wait they don't use dynamaps they use monitors that take the pressure for me. Yes that is wonderful but heck how do I print these out and get it to stop for 2 min in between my readings. Having to ask how to do that is..well..hard for me just is not my comfort zone. I came home with a headache and looking like I had showered my nerves had made me sweat soooo much. I think it is something that I would like but it is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone and would take some every new job I guess.
I will say that the one thing that made going to work so easy was Sarah Scott. She has learned how to wave and it is the cutest thing ever. I call it her beauty pageant wave. She really looks like a beauty queen the way she so gracefully waves her hand back and forth. I was leaving gave her and Scott a goodbye kiss and walked out the door. She smashes her lips up against the door making a cute little face that made me smile. But the best was backing out of the driveway with daddy waving bye and SS waving her beautiful wave bye to mommy. I heart melted and I thanked the Lord for the wonderful family I have.
SS was so glad to see me when I got home and cried the entire time I was in the shower until I picked her up. Scott made sure to remind me that she does not cry when he leaves the room to do things but I have "ruined" her is what he says and she cries EVERY TIME with me. I cant help it she is so cute and attached to the hip is fine with me!!!
She is sleeping peacefully in her crib now and I am off to bed myself. Looking forward to a wonderful weekend with her and Scott tom and glad Scott is home with us Monday. My plan is to go get her a baby pool to put in the back yard. She loves the water and I think she will love the pool. Hopefully that plan will be fulfilled. Happy rest of the weekend to all of you.
I am off to bed!!! Night Night!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Great weekend

Well the weekend is over and Scott is back to work tom....I however get to spend the day with SS! I love Mondays they are officially mommy and daughter day around our house. We had a great weekend pretty low key but that is always nice. Friday I picked up a couple of hours at the hospital so we laid low Friday night. Sat was a pretty productive day. Scott spent several hours in the yard and I will have to say it looks Beeeyoootiful!!! He knows how happy it makes me when I have a perfect yard...even if the yards around me look like crap.
**Does that aggravate anyone else or just us when neighbors just simply don't care about how crappy their yard looks and that what they think are trees in the yard are simply weeds...uuugghhh!!
Ok so anyway a precious girl from work got married Sat so SS and I went to that and she was sooo good. It was a wonderful wedding and Christina looked beautiful. We got home and went to eat Mex with the hubby and then off to the store for some late night evil...yes ice cream...MY FAV!!!
SS has been running a temp of 101.5 to about 102.7 all weekend and so we did not go to church today. We have NEVER put her in the bed with us..yes pat me on the back for that:)...but this AM we did she was crying at 6 and cried everytime we would lay her down so we let her snuggle with us and we all slept until 9. She is in good spirits but I think we are going to head to the PCP tom just for an ear check...if nothing else it puts mommas mind at ease. SS and I went to see some family today and had a wonderful time. SS is always great entertainment and they loved spending time with her. Tonight was low key also...Scott and I did watch Dan in Real Life and it was a pretty good movie. So after this post I am off to bed!!
This is the first week that SS has been in her big girl car seat and she loves it. She likes to see me and whats going on.
Tonight she was making Scott and I laugh. She was talking up a storm and waving her hand like she had an imaginary friend. I was sooo funny. We just love her to pieces!!
Sarah Scott mommy and daddy love you more than you know. I want you to know that I think you are going to be walking in the next month. You are doing so well just holding one hand. You are working everyday on drinking out of a sippy cup. You hold it well but have not mastered that you have to suck pretty hard to get your juice. You have become fascinated with outlets so we are having to watch you closely. Tomorrow we will go for a walk and then hang out inside with the puppies...that's the word we are working on trying to get you to say! Daddy will be home for lunch to see you and then we are going to dinner with the girls. I love you angel and hope that you sleep better tonight. xoxo

Monday, May 11, 2009

My 1st Mother's Day


So I am a day late on this post but something is better than nothing!
I had a wonderful Mothers Day with Scott and Sarah Scott. I felt so special and made a point to remind Scott all through the day that it was ALL about me!!! I do have to say I enjoyed that part of it. Scott and I are not the best when it comes to exchanging gifts...I know that's bad but Bdays, Christmas and Anniv many times we just get a card and tell each other "lets just save the money." Well, Scott went over and beyond and got me a Mothers Day gift that I truly loved and was not expecting. I like jewelry but usually just wear my wedding ring and some earrings. One thing I have never been given is David Yurman. My mom and sister n law have several pieces but Scott has always commented on how he thinks it is way to expensive. So needless to say David Yurman was not on the list of things that I thought Scott would ever get me. But, I was wrong so for my first moms day Scott and SS got mommy a DY necklace with cross and a diamond in the center to represent my 1st moms day. It is beautiful and I loved that Scott put so much thought in to the gift.
We had lunch with my moms side of the family and spent some good family time. I am not a I have said before...but My aunt Sheryl gave me a hash brown cass that is SOOO easy and I can do it. Finally, something I can make...I really don't know if it is called cooking all you do is mix a bunch of fattening stuff together and put it in the oven...but Mmmmm it is sooo good. So that was my contribution to the wonderful meal we had.
I want to spend some time talking about my own mother. That's what Mothers Day is about and I have one amazing mom.
I have always enjoyed mothers day bc it is a day that I can celebrate the wonderful mother that I have. I love my mother so much. She is a true women of Christ that shines the light of Jesus. Someone that is selfless, kind, gentle, giving, patient, loving, joyful...I could go on and on but honestly someone who lives each day to be more like Christ. She has spent her years as a mother teaching me how to grow in Christ and follow the path he has made for me. She is the biggest prayer warrior you have ever met. Someone that will spend time on her knees for you seeking the Lord in any situation. She is a fighter for what she believes in and will stand firm in her beliefs. She thinks of everyone else more than she ever thinks of her self. Gives...all the time...and never expects anything in return. She always sees the good in people. She is stylish and that I love about her...she wants to look young and loves shopping:) I cant express how grateful I am to have her in my life...she has been a wonderful example of a wife and a mom and I desire to be like her. I want to have the relationship with SS that I have with my mom. I talk with her numerous times a day...Scott would definitely agree with that...and that is what makes her my best friend. I love you mom more that you know and hope that you had a wonderful moms day. MWUAH!!
Kodak moments... This is my, sis n law and niece Addi, mom and dad and us!!


My mom and SS

So normally we would head over to Scott's parents to see his mom but unfortunately we were not able to do that yesterday. Bc of some family issues they were out of town and we missed seeing his mom and spending some time with her. I wish I had a pic to post but we don't. We will be celebrating with them on Wed evening. Scott has wonderful parents that we love dearly. His mother is a wonderful mother and one thing I love about her is that she treats me with the same respect she does her own son. I love her as much as I do my mom and appreciate her like I do my own mother. She is always there for us and thinking about us and is a HUGE help with SS...SS loves her grandmomma. I feel so lucky to be blessed with a mom n law who loves the Lord and prays for us daily. She is always thinking of us and will just pick up the phone to call and say I love you!! She has always loved me like a daughter and I love her for that. She puts her family before herself and Scott loves his momma dearly. Oh and did I mention that she can cook...and I mean COOK..she is AWESOME!! I would put her up against Paula Deen anytime!!!

So over all I very much enjoyed my moms day!! Looking forward to next year with 2 little ones!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

New Addition!!!

Yes so the news is out......WE ARE PREGNANT!!! Well Scott and I have known since the beginning of April but decided to wait to tell family and friends until our first appt. We had that appt on Monday and it went well. We got to see baby Whitfield with a heart rate in the 170's and little nubs of arms and legs. We are 9 weeks along and will be due 12/9. I know already that I will be having a csection. I know I have the option of VBAC but my last csection was so easy that I would rather go that route again.
To be honest this was a struggle for me for about 1-2 weeks. I cried and cried when I found out the test was positive while Scott rejoiced in excitement. I had to apologize to him for not being so excited but I just didn't feel it. I could not pinpoint why I felt this way but I know now that it was guilt...well and Satan stealing my joy. I felt so guilty bc SS is so little still and I felt like I was taking something away from her. I just love each min that I spend with her and I didn't want to have to give that time to someone else. Selfish I know. I really spent time in prayer asking the Lord to help me change my heart and see His will in all this. Ya know Scott and I tried so hard to conceive with SS and why would I not be SOOOO excited that this pregnancy was SO easy. After days of praying and really seeking the Lord he came to show me that I was not taking anything away from SS but giving to her a gift...of a sibling...someone that she can be close to her entire life and have a special bond with ....for Scott and I this is the family that we have always wanted. Just bc this was not in the "Whitfield Plan"..yes we have one of those...doesn't mean that this is not Gods will for us. All things happen in His timing and we left baring children up to His timing ...and it was time.
I am at peace with this trusting the the Lord will provide. I am excited excited to be pregnant again and to meet baby W in Dec. We are already talking names..boys we DO NOT agree on and yes I would love another double name if it is a girl.
So to get to spreading the news. Scott and I decided to get SS a big sister shirt and take her to both sets of parents...and that is how we would tell them. Well that did not go as planned. We get to Scott's parents house and after 15 min of them playing with SS I finally said "Can ya ll not read what is on her shirt." It was quite humerus. The same results with my mom even read the shirt out loud and did not get it. Needless to say we had to explain to both sets of parents the meaning of the shirt. :)
Scott's parents and SS

My parents with SS

So all in all Monday was a great day ....we also had SS 9 month check up. She is 17lbs 2oz and 27inches long. She did not have to get shots but did have a finger prick that she was not excited about. We are going to get her a big girl car seat this weekend. The bad part was she has a sinus infection and double ear its on another antibx!!
I am feeling well with the pregnancy..had some nausea but this seems to be getting better...getting fat but that's bc I am SO FREAKING HUNGRY!!! I want food all the! I will keep you updated on the pregnancy and of course our little SS.
I am working with her on a sippy cup and right now she just likes to chew on it. I will leave you with our sweet girl and her sippy cup!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just wanted to post a few pics of our precious Sarah Scott....she makes me smile!!