Saturday, May 23, 2009

hitting the sack

..that's where I want to be! Today has been a long day and I am very tired. I was scheduled to work at UH today from 7-7 but was cancelled this AM at 6. Let me stop and tell you how annoying this is. You get up at 5:30 get showered your hair dry and sit down to enjoy a bowl of cheerios and ....ring ring..."Hi this is so and so on 10NS and you are being cancelled today" "Ok great thanks" is how I respond but in the back on my mind I am so frustrated. Yes it is nice to get to go back to bed but heck I am up and basically ready to go. So this morning that happened to me... so back to bed I went but then the phone rang at 8:15
"Hi Deborah Anne this is staffing at UH the ER is in need of some help and I was wondering if you would like to come in"
...I sit and think bc the ER is somewhere that I have never been before but heck why not
"Sure but you need to know that I have never been to the ER so I don't know how much help I will be"
Yes nursing is nursing anywhere that you go but the ER is a totally different world.
So needless to say I got there at about 945 and worked until 7. It was a great learning exp but man did I feel pretty incompetent at times. Like when I was asked to get orthostatic BP's on a pt...sure I can do that...go in the room oh wait they don't use dynamaps they use monitors that take the pressure for me. Yes that is wonderful but heck how do I print these out and get it to stop for 2 min in between my readings. Having to ask how to do that is..well..hard for me just is not my comfort zone. I came home with a headache and looking like I had showered my nerves had made me sweat soooo much. I think it is something that I would like but it is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone and would take some every new job I guess.
I will say that the one thing that made going to work so easy was Sarah Scott. She has learned how to wave and it is the cutest thing ever. I call it her beauty pageant wave. She really looks like a beauty queen the way she so gracefully waves her hand back and forth. I was leaving gave her and Scott a goodbye kiss and walked out the door. She smashes her lips up against the door making a cute little face that made me smile. But the best was backing out of the driveway with daddy waving bye and SS waving her beautiful wave bye to mommy. I heart melted and I thanked the Lord for the wonderful family I have.
SS was so glad to see me when I got home and cried the entire time I was in the shower until I picked her up. Scott made sure to remind me that she does not cry when he leaves the room to do things but I have "ruined" her is what he says and she cries EVERY TIME with me. I cant help it she is so cute and attached to the hip is fine with me!!!
She is sleeping peacefully in her crib now and I am off to bed myself. Looking forward to a wonderful weekend with her and Scott tom and glad Scott is home with us Monday. My plan is to go get her a baby pool to put in the back yard. She loves the water and I think she will love the pool. Hopefully that plan will be fulfilled. Happy rest of the weekend to all of you.
I am off to bed!!! Night Night!!

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  1. Sounds like a busy day! :) I can't believe how fast SS is growing it seems like just yesterday ya'll were here for our shower and she was just cute as a bug! :) The pageant wave has to be too cute! I can't wait to see ya'll again! It has been too long!