Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day at the Whitfield's

Happy Memorial Day from one cute little girl!! Gotta love the purple sunglasses!!
Today has been relaxing..well somewhat..but overall enjoyable. Sarah Scott and I started off the morning with a walk around the neighborhood with Tina and her 2 dogs. I am feeling quite large these days and so a little exercise is what I needed. When we got home SS went down for a well needed nap and I was able to get showered for the rest of the plans for the day. Scott and I were wanting to get SS a baby pool so other than a few other things on the "we need" list we didn't have much to do. We headed out to Chick fil A for lunch and then off to Target. We were able to find SS a cute little baby pool for the wonderful price of $5.00 and headed home to give it a try. It was SS time for a nap but I figured just let her play. She loves bath water and playing in the tub so I really thought she would love this but...not so much! We were out in the pool for all of about 15 min. She cried then laughed then cried then laughed. Scott thinks that I had the water a little to cool for her..maybe.. but she wanted out!! SS went down for another nap and so did Scott and I.
Once SS was awake we played some and then enjoyed a WONDERFUL cooked dinner from chef Scott. The menu was as follows:
* Steak marinated in a honey teriyaki sauce
* Grilled onions and pineapple..mmmmm:)
* Corn that was cooked on the grill
* red potatoes that were baked and seasoned up like something good:)!!!!!
He is one great husband, dad and COOK!!!!!
Thanks honey for the wonderful dinner!!
The night ended with Scott giving SS a bath and putting her down for bed and me vacuuming, mopping and doing laundry..FUN FUN FUN!!!
Off to bed for another work week!!
Enjoy some pics of SS in the pool!!

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  1. The pool is too cute, but not as cute as SS in her sunglasses! :) I love it!