Friday, May 8, 2009

New Addition!!!

Yes so the news is out......WE ARE PREGNANT!!! Well Scott and I have known since the beginning of April but decided to wait to tell family and friends until our first appt. We had that appt on Monday and it went well. We got to see baby Whitfield with a heart rate in the 170's and little nubs of arms and legs. We are 9 weeks along and will be due 12/9. I know already that I will be having a csection. I know I have the option of VBAC but my last csection was so easy that I would rather go that route again.
To be honest this was a struggle for me for about 1-2 weeks. I cried and cried when I found out the test was positive while Scott rejoiced in excitement. I had to apologize to him for not being so excited but I just didn't feel it. I could not pinpoint why I felt this way but I know now that it was guilt...well and Satan stealing my joy. I felt so guilty bc SS is so little still and I felt like I was taking something away from her. I just love each min that I spend with her and I didn't want to have to give that time to someone else. Selfish I know. I really spent time in prayer asking the Lord to help me change my heart and see His will in all this. Ya know Scott and I tried so hard to conceive with SS and why would I not be SOOOO excited that this pregnancy was SO easy. After days of praying and really seeking the Lord he came to show me that I was not taking anything away from SS but giving to her a gift...of a sibling...someone that she can be close to her entire life and have a special bond with ....for Scott and I this is the family that we have always wanted. Just bc this was not in the "Whitfield Plan"..yes we have one of those...doesn't mean that this is not Gods will for us. All things happen in His timing and we left baring children up to His timing ...and it was time.
I am at peace with this trusting the the Lord will provide. I am excited excited to be pregnant again and to meet baby W in Dec. We are already talking names..boys we DO NOT agree on and yes I would love another double name if it is a girl.
So to get to spreading the news. Scott and I decided to get SS a big sister shirt and take her to both sets of parents...and that is how we would tell them. Well that did not go as planned. We get to Scott's parents house and after 15 min of them playing with SS I finally said "Can ya ll not read what is on her shirt." It was quite humerus. The same results with my mom even read the shirt out loud and did not get it. Needless to say we had to explain to both sets of parents the meaning of the shirt. :)
Scott's parents and SS

My parents with SS

So all in all Monday was a great day ....we also had SS 9 month check up. She is 17lbs 2oz and 27inches long. She did not have to get shots but did have a finger prick that she was not excited about. We are going to get her a big girl car seat this weekend. The bad part was she has a sinus infection and double ear its on another antibx!!
I am feeling well with the pregnancy..had some nausea but this seems to be getting better...getting fat but that's bc I am SO FREAKING HUNGRY!!! I want food all the! I will keep you updated on the pregnancy and of course our little SS.
I am working with her on a sippy cup and right now she just likes to chew on it. I will leave you with our sweet girl and her sippy cup!


  1. Congrats again! :) SS will be the bestest BIG sister! I can't wait to meet the next Baby W!!! My prayers are with you!


  2. YAY! jenny & i were wondering if you were gonna blog about being preggers!!

    i love you and we are so excited for you!!

    god is so faithful!!