Monday, May 11, 2009

My 1st Mother's Day


So I am a day late on this post but something is better than nothing!
I had a wonderful Mothers Day with Scott and Sarah Scott. I felt so special and made a point to remind Scott all through the day that it was ALL about me!!! I do have to say I enjoyed that part of it. Scott and I are not the best when it comes to exchanging gifts...I know that's bad but Bdays, Christmas and Anniv many times we just get a card and tell each other "lets just save the money." Well, Scott went over and beyond and got me a Mothers Day gift that I truly loved and was not expecting. I like jewelry but usually just wear my wedding ring and some earrings. One thing I have never been given is David Yurman. My mom and sister n law have several pieces but Scott has always commented on how he thinks it is way to expensive. So needless to say David Yurman was not on the list of things that I thought Scott would ever get me. But, I was wrong so for my first moms day Scott and SS got mommy a DY necklace with cross and a diamond in the center to represent my 1st moms day. It is beautiful and I loved that Scott put so much thought in to the gift.
We had lunch with my moms side of the family and spent some good family time. I am not a I have said before...but My aunt Sheryl gave me a hash brown cass that is SOOO easy and I can do it. Finally, something I can make...I really don't know if it is called cooking all you do is mix a bunch of fattening stuff together and put it in the oven...but Mmmmm it is sooo good. So that was my contribution to the wonderful meal we had.
I want to spend some time talking about my own mother. That's what Mothers Day is about and I have one amazing mom.
I have always enjoyed mothers day bc it is a day that I can celebrate the wonderful mother that I have. I love my mother so much. She is a true women of Christ that shines the light of Jesus. Someone that is selfless, kind, gentle, giving, patient, loving, joyful...I could go on and on but honestly someone who lives each day to be more like Christ. She has spent her years as a mother teaching me how to grow in Christ and follow the path he has made for me. She is the biggest prayer warrior you have ever met. Someone that will spend time on her knees for you seeking the Lord in any situation. She is a fighter for what she believes in and will stand firm in her beliefs. She thinks of everyone else more than she ever thinks of her self. Gives...all the time...and never expects anything in return. She always sees the good in people. She is stylish and that I love about her...she wants to look young and loves shopping:) I cant express how grateful I am to have her in my life...she has been a wonderful example of a wife and a mom and I desire to be like her. I want to have the relationship with SS that I have with my mom. I talk with her numerous times a day...Scott would definitely agree with that...and that is what makes her my best friend. I love you mom more that you know and hope that you had a wonderful moms day. MWUAH!!
Kodak moments... This is my, sis n law and niece Addi, mom and dad and us!!


My mom and SS

So normally we would head over to Scott's parents to see his mom but unfortunately we were not able to do that yesterday. Bc of some family issues they were out of town and we missed seeing his mom and spending some time with her. I wish I had a pic to post but we don't. We will be celebrating with them on Wed evening. Scott has wonderful parents that we love dearly. His mother is a wonderful mother and one thing I love about her is that she treats me with the same respect she does her own son. I love her as much as I do my mom and appreciate her like I do my own mother. She is always there for us and thinking about us and is a HUGE help with SS...SS loves her grandmomma. I feel so lucky to be blessed with a mom n law who loves the Lord and prays for us daily. She is always thinking of us and will just pick up the phone to call and say I love you!! She has always loved me like a daughter and I love her for that. She puts her family before herself and Scott loves his momma dearly. Oh and did I mention that she can cook...and I mean COOK..she is AWESOME!! I would put her up against Paula Deen anytime!!!

So over all I very much enjoyed my moms day!! Looking forward to next year with 2 little ones!!

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  1. It sounds like you had such a wonderful day! :) I loved mom's day too! :)