Monday, October 25, 2010

10 months...late late late!

OMG this is a little ridiculous how behind I am on blogging. I honestly just have not felt like sitting at the computer lately. I would rather lay my big bum on the couch and watch TV after bathing the kids, putting them to bed and cleaning the house.....I'm sure you understand.
Our little family has been doing very well since I last blogged. The kids are doing wonderful. Both Hamp and SS are growing so fast. Hamp is reaching all the little milestones and SS is ALWAYS talking. I just love having a conversation with her. She is like a mini teenager...she is now talking times!! For instance I hear alot of "no" when I tell her to do something and even "u not vewee nice" and "don't hit me" after she gets a spanking! Gotta love it! But then there are the funny things she will say like...her love of dancing...she will say "shake your body momma".....or her new favorite drink "momma I want straaaaawbebby milk":) Goodness I love that girl!

she is obsessed with her rain boots

The main reason for this post is to blog about Hamp turning 10 months old....that was on 10/3/2010.

Hamp man is up to this these days:
*weighs 24lbs 13oz
*size 5 diapers
* 18-24 month clothes
* saying "momma" and "dada"
* waving bye bye
* claps his hands
* crawling and walking around tables
* still 2 naps a day
* 4 8oz bottles a day with baby food in the AM and the PM...puffs or other snacks throughout the day.
* love juice out of your sippy cup

* got a new big boy car seat and facing forward
*have 3 teeth
Hamp you are just hilarious. The one thing that really makes mommy and daddy laugh is when you get excited you just jump up and down with excitement. So many people will tell us that you are a happy baby.
Hamp man you are my heart! Mommy and daddy love you more than you will ever know. You bring a special joy into our lives and complete our little family. We love you handsome!