Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy 8 months!!

Yes, I know I can't believe it either...Sarah Scott is 8 months old today!! Time has gone by sooo fast it seems like only yesterday that I was prego with her. She is such a joy and seriously the best baby. She is still sleeping through the night..going down to bed at 8:30 and sleeping until about 8 or 8:30! Scott and I definitely get our rest. She is becoming more and more today I have not been able to put her down without her crying. As frustrating as that may be I love it..she wants her momma:)!! She is still saying dadadada all the time and recently began saying nahnahnahnah...which I am telling myself means momma!! She is scooting like a mad women and pulling up on things here and there.
About pulling up on she is down for a nap (those are not lasting as long these days)and I hear her crying. I go check on her put her paci in her mouth and tell her she has to sleep a little longer (30 min just ain't gonna cut it)! So she sleeps for about 15 min longer and I hear her crying again. I go to get her but before I get there I hear something hit the floor. I knew it was not her for 2 reasons. 1. She cant pull herself up in the crib. 2. It did not sound like it would be her hitting the floor!! WELL....was I wrong..I look in her room to find SS standing in her crib staring at me with that help me momma cry!
I was in total shock and just started snapping pictures!! I know these things happen as they get older but I was not expecting this right now.
We sent daddy a pic on his phone to let him know what his big 8mo little girl had accomplished....his first priority when he came home from lunch was to lower the mattress.
We are half way through this 8 month bday and I am just waiting on her to pass another milestone!!
I did move her up to level 2 food (my pediatrician wanted me to wait until she was 8mo) and she has more of a variety of food! This morning she had banana mango...ummm and tonight she will have apple butternut swash!! Sounds yummy!!
We look forward to a wonderful week with our big girl!!
We leave you with a big Sarah Scott smile!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Week gone by

Well it has been a pretty fast week. SS is really starting to learn how to walk. She has a toy that she can hold onto and push along and she will go from one end of the room to another. I really think that she will be walking in the next month or 2..maybe that's a high expectation but hey you never know. She is still just scooting along everywhere. Growing like a weed and I am loving each min of the day with her. We got her trying to walk on video and I need to post that soon.
it's Friday and it has been a great day. Sarah Scott and I started off at Panera at 8:30 with Josilyn and Nikki for some breakfast...high calorie breakfast:)!! It was good though and we had a great time chatting with the girls. Sarah Scott did very well. After visiting we ran to the bank, got gas, picked up her 6 month pics and headed to my Aunt Sherlys house to see her and John Aaron. Sarah Scott was a little shy at first which was odd. I think she is starting to have some separation anxiety at times. She kept looking at me and then around the house like I was going to leave her. After a few min she was fine and scooting her little self all around. We had fun visiting and of course Aunt Shae Shae loved getting some kisses.
The days that I am home with SS we always try to be at the house when Scott comes home from lunch. He likes to see her on his lunch break and get some daddy time in. So we rushed home and made it shortly after he got here. She had missed her morning nap so after daddy went back to work she went down for her nap and I did the same. It was sooo nice to get a nap in and just relax. SS did good today with her nap..she took about a 2 hour nap. When she woke up we geared up for a run all dressed..headed out the door and IT WAS RAINING. How disappointing was that but I guess I could have been smarter and looked outside first. So we hung out in the playroom until daddy came home and took us to dinner.
The area around our house is really growing. Several new restaurants have come and some more are on the way. Tonight we went to Moe's and enjoyed a different twist to Mexican. Scott and I have a sweet tooth so we had to go get some brownies on the way home. Well if you know me you know that I am not a great cook. I can usually follow directions on a box pretty good but tonight I get an F. I mixed up the brownies and added one to many eggs. oops. I called my mom n law...who is a wonderful cook by the way...bc I was not sure if I had ruined them or what I could do to save the brownies!!! She gave me some advice but warned me they may be like cake...SHE WAS RIGHT!!! Soooo Scott and I have enjoyed cake brownies tonight instead of our usual gooey brownies!!
SS is in bed and we are settling down for the evening. I am working at the hospital tom so SS and Scott get some well deserved daddy daughter time. Dad's bday is tom also so hopefully we will get to see him and wish him a happy bday. Not much more planned for this weekend!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend..Monday comes quick!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

HELP me Mommy!! taking a nap is not on Sarah Scott's list of to do's lately. One day she will nap just fine and the next day she is not having it. Well today she napped about 30 min this AM and this afternoon is soooo tired that she is a little on edge. Her new thing is to turn herself to the end of the crib that is facing the door, pull down the bumper so she can see and cry for help. Does she really need help? NO, she is just simply refusing to nap. I had to take a pic of it today....I know sounds horrible but it just makes me giggle. How smart can a 7 month old be...she knows ..hey if I pull this bumper down mom can see that I am very upset and maybe she will come get me. Enjoy the pics...I hope they make you giggle like they did me!!! Oh, by the way after about 5 min of crying she is now sound asleep.:)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finally Sitting Down has been a week since I sat at this computer for some me time to get some thoughts off my mind. I feel like I have a lot to think about and some decisions to make for our family....while all the while SS is continuing to grow so fast. We had a great weekend as a family. We just spent time together and did some shopping..SS is such a good shopper!! Scott and I love hamburgers so we were able to try the new 5 guys here in town and it was wonderful. Mmmmmm the cheeseburgers were wonderful. They were not on my diet but it was the weekend.
**SS is talking non stop. She just scoots her little self around the house saying dadadadada. I am trying so hard to get her to say momma but it aint happening!! That's ok I really don't mind her saying dada!! He is a great dada so he deserves it. I have had so many people lately tell me how happy she is. You know she really is. All I have to do is look at her and she has the biggest smile. It is a smile that will make your heart melt. Scott was reading some info we got through email about her at 7 months and different things that we may be noticing. The one thing that stuck out was that she will now begin to recognize when we have left the room. I have REALLY noticed this alot lately. I can be gone and the second she sees me her eyes will light up...but walking out of the room no she will not have that. She just cries and it breaks my heart. Today I was home with her and we just played all day. Her favorite toy is the remote control. It is so funny she has all these toys to play with and that is the one thing that she prefers. The weather was wonderful today so we sat outside for a while and she watched the dogs play. She has really started to want to get involved with the dogs. Scott and I don't let her play with Anna..well bc (if you know us you know how Anna is) but she will reach out for her and smile when she walks by. Hopefully one day they will be able to play together...HOPEFULLY..not sure if that will happen:).
On another note I am asking for prayer from my fellow blogger friends. We have had a few events in the family that have required our attention the last several weeks. It really weighs heavy on our hearts but I KNOW that Lord is in control and through all of this His work will be done. Through this it has made me evaluate ME and our family. The Lord, as well as Scott, are working on me and I have been presented with some questions that will change things with our family (me, Scott and SS). Again, this also weighs heavy on my heart but in a good way. I think that it brings things to my attention that I try to put in the back on my mind and not deal with. So overall I am asking for God to reveal Himself in all of this and to open and close doors where that is needed. I know that He is in control and if I trust Him he will direct me. Sometimes that is the hardest part..I mean lets just be honest we all struggle with that right. I think I have it figured out and things are going ok now so why change. But maybe that change is what God intended all along. Maybe I tried to do it my way in the beginning...why...I could save myself alot of heartache if I would just listen to His voice and the path He has planned for my family. I believe that our relationship with the Lord is a daily work. We grow stronger each day the more that we seek him. So right now I am seeking you Lord. Help me to seek you more and more each the song goes " The more I seek you the more I find you"...:)
Looking forward to the weekend with the family...hopefully we will get outside more this weekend with the pretty weather. I think Scott has some yard work planned. We can start SS of early with that...she will hopefully enjoy yard work like her momma!!
The pics are of SS in her babylegs...if you have a little one boy or girl they NEED babylegs..they are the cutest thing ever. You can get them from Target for around $12!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

And she's off!!!

Yes that is right Sarah Scott is learning how to crawl. So this morning Scott calls me in the den and I could not believe my eyes SS is moving from one side of the room to the next. She cant actually crawl she actually pulls herself using her arms. It is so cute and mommy and daddy are sooo proud of her. I guess this does mean we have to watch her even more....she likes to make her way to the golf clubs I have caught them in her mouth twice!! I just cant believe how fast she is growing. Scott was home with her today and got a great video of her "scooting" so I will have to post that soon.

We are also dealing with this snotty nose! My mom feels sorry for SS...(she has never said this but I can tell)....when she has a runny nose bc I have a phobia about noses. Well, I rinse her with saline and suction her ALOT when she is snotty. I work for an ENT what else do you expect. My mom made the comment yesterday I was going to make her nostrils larger than her head. That has stuck with me, thanks mom, and so I am trying to back off. BUT...when snot is rolling down her face I WILL NOT JUST LOOK AT IT!!!:) Am I the only mom that cant stand this? I feel so sorry for her and there is not much you can do!! Poor thing!

Some more random thoughts for this blog....I follow a blog by a girl named Kelly and she recently posted a blog about Recession Fashion-dressing cute for less. This is very interesting. I have always been on that loves to shop and honestly I don't mind dropping money on jeans and shoes. Jeans are my weakness and sad to say but the ones that I have cost me over $100 a piece. I know that is so stupid but well its true. Now that we have SS I have not been shopping as much and the money that I would be spending on me all goes to clothes for SS. Kelly's blog was very helpful for me bc it gave me different ideas about where to shop. Sad to say but I have never bought clothes from Target heck yeah I love it...but Walmart has a new line that has some very cute things. I plan to make a trip there this weekend to see what good deals I can find. I also ran across 2 websites called Francesca's and Sam Moon. Francescas is like boutique clothing for a great price and Sam Moon is WONDERFUL jewerly for cheap cheap cheap. Now that we have a little one to buy for the days of $100 jeans has come and gone. I look forward to adding to my wardrobe and not spending much to do it!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Clapping and Teething

So Sarah Scott is now clapping her hands. She does not know what it means but will just clap...well to clap. So I have found myself saying "Yeeaaahhh" when she claps so that she can associate it with being happy or doing something good. It is about the cutest thing ever!! I know I know so little to some people but anytime she does something new I just love it. She really started this a lot yesterday and I took some pics of sweet!

So about this teething thing. First sorry to grandmamma (Scott's mom) that SS was not the best grandchild in the world today. She was pulling at her ears and fussy and unfortunately did not give grandmamma a break and only slept an hour. BUT...I know a great ENT who will take care of those ears so thankfully Belinda brought her to me and we were able to see what the deal was. She has had 2 ear infections over the last several months so I was a little worried we had another one coming on. Well the ears are normal...which I am thankful for...but that means all the fussing, not sleeping and tugging at the ears is bc of those darn teeth. SS has 2 bottom teeth so I am guessing her top ones will soon be making there appearance. I feel so sorry for her..mommies are supposed to fix everything but I am a little helpless other than Tylenol and Motrin!! She was good tonight just sleepy but she got lots and lots of extra xoxox from mommy and daddy. I am hoping for a good day tomorrow for Grammy (my mom)
So all in all right now we have clapping and teething. Hopefully, soon we will be clapping that her teeth have arrived and the earaches and fussiness take a vacation!!

...Oh almost forgot I added a pic of SS in her highchair for the first time. She looks like such a big girl!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday..the day of rest??

Well...not today!!! Today was a good day though..I got the entire house clean!!!! I am very picky about keeping a neat house and although I don't do a great job at it sometimes I do try. Scott will be the first to tell you that I can become a not so fun wife when the house is dirty. With 2 dogs running around keeping a clean house is not easy. BUT...the smell of vinegar on my hardwoods, Clorox in my bathroom and pine sol in my kitchen puts a BIG smile on my face. I am so thankful for Scott and the hands on dad that he is. I would have never been able to get things done without him. He took over with SS today...feeding and entertaining her. I did help with the poopy diapers:)...and he even was able to get dinner cooked for us. I know he is a great man!!
We had a wonderful weekend..very low key but that is how I like it. Scott had some vacation time with us that made for a long weekend last weekend but with the rain we were not able to do much. Sat and today were great days and we were able to enjoy breakfast outside and have some family time.
SS is changing everyday. She just really makes us laugh. She does raspberry's constantly (this is what I call it when she is spitting and blowing bubbles)...which is cute but makes a mess! She is trying so hard to pull up on things and does not want to sit anymore she wants to be moving.
She did have a first on Friday....the first time sitting in a highchair at a restaurant and a buggy at the store! I know not a big first...but hey big to us first time parents. I got her the cover that you can put over the highchairs and buggy's and it straps her right in. She loves the freedom of not having to be in the car seat.
Overall we had a great weekend and I really wish Scott was home with us again tom. I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heavy heart

Ok, so I have been reading up on other the blogging world...and my heart just aches. Why? Why Lord are these families suffering from death of husbands and wives, why are these children suffering and why cant these couples have a healthy child. I know its almost ridiculous that I ask why bc he is God an he has a reason but sometimes I just don't understand why I have a healthy husband and child and others that so long for that don't. Over the last 15 min I read about a family that the wife is pregnant, they already have a young son and her husband died 2 days ago after a less than one month battle with cancer then a young couple that had a still born in the past and recently gave birth to a little boy with a rare skin disease, several children that need heart transplants and another little girl with a rare type of disease. WHY?? My heart just aches and is so broken for these families. Lord please bless them and heal these children. Comfort these families in their time of need and help them to feel your presence, peace and love. Thank you Lord for my healthy family. Continue to bless Sarah Scott with a long healthy life. Thank you for giving Scott and I the honor of being her parents. I love you Lord thank you for loving us!

Monday, March 2, 2009

"My precious angel"

..that's what I love to call SS. She is so precious and I do believe she is my little angel!! Hopefully she will always have that halo over her head even when she is 15 and telling me that she thinks she has it all figured out and knows everything...ya know mom like I did!!
I feel like I have gone toooo long since my first post. I told my self I would do this at least every 2 days or so...not doing so well huh!!
Well, since I last wrote SS has grown, grown, grown. She is trying so hard to pull up on things and just talking like a mad women. She has 2 things that she likes to say, "bah bah bah" and "hoo hoo hoo." The "hoo hoo" seems to come with excitement as she waves her arms up and down and I really hope that she will replace "bah bah" with mamamama or dadada..we would love that!! She is just so smart..I know I think she is the smartest like all you mothers think of your own children...that's why we are moms though so that we can think our children are the best at!!
Scott is home with us today and we love spending time with daddy. We woke up this AM and SS was soaked in pee pee so she had to be off to bath time. Her daddy put her in her warm water and my heart melted as I hear the two of them playing with her toys and splashing water. A fathers sweet!! She has always loved playing in the water and lately loves it so much that when its time to wash up she gets a little attitude...she wants to be left alone. Daddy got her all clean and smelling so good and we were ready to start our day.
SS is now down for a nap so I have a while to catch up on some me time. The first thing I always do is check FB and email. Today I saw that a friend of mine had updated her blog. Some of you will know her by her story and me asking for prayer. Ashly is a friend of mine that I met through Scott. She is married to a very close friend of Scott's. Long story short Ashly and her husband had a stillborn last year at 39 weeks. His name is Brooks ....well they are prego again and she announced her news today in her post. The reason I bring this up is bc she has asked all of her friends and those that do not know her to commit to praying for them one time a day everyday until baby T arrives. I think that this is a great test. We all say that we will pray for others in a time of need and sometimes I feel that we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget ALL the people that we promise to pray for. I know that I am guilty. Sooo, I have committed to pray while I brush my teeth...I ask that those of you that do not know the Tuckers will still commit to pray for them daily. If we pick a time each day, the same time each day, it will be easier to remember to keep our commitment. Baby T will be here around the end of August..several weeks to PRAY PRAY PRAY!! The Lord will be hearing from ALL of us..right!!!
Have a blessed day..I am off to catch a short nap!