Thursday, March 12, 2009

And she's off!!!

Yes that is right Sarah Scott is learning how to crawl. So this morning Scott calls me in the den and I could not believe my eyes SS is moving from one side of the room to the next. She cant actually crawl she actually pulls herself using her arms. It is so cute and mommy and daddy are sooo proud of her. I guess this does mean we have to watch her even more....she likes to make her way to the golf clubs I have caught them in her mouth twice!! I just cant believe how fast she is growing. Scott was home with her today and got a great video of her "scooting" so I will have to post that soon.

We are also dealing with this snotty nose! My mom feels sorry for SS...(she has never said this but I can tell)....when she has a runny nose bc I have a phobia about noses. Well, I rinse her with saline and suction her ALOT when she is snotty. I work for an ENT what else do you expect. My mom made the comment yesterday I was going to make her nostrils larger than her head. That has stuck with me, thanks mom, and so I am trying to back off. BUT...when snot is rolling down her face I WILL NOT JUST LOOK AT IT!!!:) Am I the only mom that cant stand this? I feel so sorry for her and there is not much you can do!! Poor thing!

Some more random thoughts for this blog....I follow a blog by a girl named Kelly and she recently posted a blog about Recession Fashion-dressing cute for less. This is very interesting. I have always been on that loves to shop and honestly I don't mind dropping money on jeans and shoes. Jeans are my weakness and sad to say but the ones that I have cost me over $100 a piece. I know that is so stupid but well its true. Now that we have SS I have not been shopping as much and the money that I would be spending on me all goes to clothes for SS. Kelly's blog was very helpful for me bc it gave me different ideas about where to shop. Sad to say but I have never bought clothes from Target heck yeah I love it...but Walmart has a new line that has some very cute things. I plan to make a trip there this weekend to see what good deals I can find. I also ran across 2 websites called Francesca's and Sam Moon. Francescas is like boutique clothing for a great price and Sam Moon is WONDERFUL jewerly for cheap cheap cheap. Now that we have a little one to buy for the days of $100 jeans has come and gone. I look forward to adding to my wardrobe and not spending much to do it!!!


  1. girl...
    i'm so w/you on the walmart dresses! i am loving that purple one!!
    i actually went and looked at walmart yesterday and didn't see it!
    might have to order it and hope it fits!!

  2. SS is just growing way to fast! :) I can't believe that she is starting to crawl. As for the snot thing I am so with you on it. Poor Kellen has had a lot of boogers and his crazy mommy has to get them out! Have a great weekend!