Monday, March 2, 2009

"My precious angel"

..that's what I love to call SS. She is so precious and I do believe she is my little angel!! Hopefully she will always have that halo over her head even when she is 15 and telling me that she thinks she has it all figured out and knows everything...ya know mom like I did!!
I feel like I have gone toooo long since my first post. I told my self I would do this at least every 2 days or so...not doing so well huh!!
Well, since I last wrote SS has grown, grown, grown. She is trying so hard to pull up on things and just talking like a mad women. She has 2 things that she likes to say, "bah bah bah" and "hoo hoo hoo." The "hoo hoo" seems to come with excitement as she waves her arms up and down and I really hope that she will replace "bah bah" with mamamama or dadada..we would love that!! She is just so smart..I know I think she is the smartest like all you mothers think of your own children...that's why we are moms though so that we can think our children are the best at!!
Scott is home with us today and we love spending time with daddy. We woke up this AM and SS was soaked in pee pee so she had to be off to bath time. Her daddy put her in her warm water and my heart melted as I hear the two of them playing with her toys and splashing water. A fathers sweet!! She has always loved playing in the water and lately loves it so much that when its time to wash up she gets a little attitude...she wants to be left alone. Daddy got her all clean and smelling so good and we were ready to start our day.
SS is now down for a nap so I have a while to catch up on some me time. The first thing I always do is check FB and email. Today I saw that a friend of mine had updated her blog. Some of you will know her by her story and me asking for prayer. Ashly is a friend of mine that I met through Scott. She is married to a very close friend of Scott's. Long story short Ashly and her husband had a stillborn last year at 39 weeks. His name is Brooks ....well they are prego again and she announced her news today in her post. The reason I bring this up is bc she has asked all of her friends and those that do not know her to commit to praying for them one time a day everyday until baby T arrives. I think that this is a great test. We all say that we will pray for others in a time of need and sometimes I feel that we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget ALL the people that we promise to pray for. I know that I am guilty. Sooo, I have committed to pray while I brush my teeth...I ask that those of you that do not know the Tuckers will still commit to pray for them daily. If we pick a time each day, the same time each day, it will be easier to remember to keep our commitment. Baby T will be here around the end of August..several weeks to PRAY PRAY PRAY!! The Lord will be hearing from ALL of us..right!!!
Have a blessed day..I am off to catch a short nap!


  1. thanks for the update! I just love your little girl. I really appreciate you mentioning us in the post. The more people who will pray the better! Love ya girl!

  2. I love your layout, it's beautiful! It's hard to get into the habit of blogging regularly, but once you do, you'll have PLENTY to write about. I find myself writing things down that I want to blog about later. Like hilarious things the boys say, or, like today, horrible misadventures in our daily life. :) Have a great day at home with the fam...those are the best!

  3. Love ya! Thanks for being my Oncall Nurse.

  4. Yu will have to help with my blog....or I will never be able to Finish :)