Monday, March 23, 2009

HELP me Mommy!! taking a nap is not on Sarah Scott's list of to do's lately. One day she will nap just fine and the next day she is not having it. Well today she napped about 30 min this AM and this afternoon is soooo tired that she is a little on edge. Her new thing is to turn herself to the end of the crib that is facing the door, pull down the bumper so she can see and cry for help. Does she really need help? NO, she is just simply refusing to nap. I had to take a pic of it today....I know sounds horrible but it just makes me giggle. How smart can a 7 month old be...she knows ..hey if I pull this bumper down mom can see that I am very upset and maybe she will come get me. Enjoy the pics...I hope they make you giggle like they did me!!! Oh, by the way after about 5 min of crying she is now sound asleep.:)

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