Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Clapping and Teething

So Sarah Scott is now clapping her hands. She does not know what it means but will just clap...well to clap. So I have found myself saying "Yeeaaahhh" when she claps so that she can associate it with being happy or doing something good. It is about the cutest thing ever!! I know I know so little to some people but anytime she does something new I just love it. She really started this a lot yesterday and I took some pics of her...so sweet!

So about this teething thing. First off...so sorry to grandmamma (Scott's mom) that SS was not the best grandchild in the world today. She was pulling at her ears and fussy and unfortunately did not give grandmamma a break and only slept an hour. BUT...I know a great ENT who will take care of those ears so thankfully Belinda brought her to me and we were able to see what the deal was. She has had 2 ear infections over the last several months so I was a little worried we had another one coming on. Well the ears are normal...which I am thankful for...but that means all the fussing, not sleeping and tugging at the ears is bc of those darn teeth. SS has 2 bottom teeth so I am guessing her top ones will soon be making there appearance. I feel so sorry for her..mommies are supposed to fix everything but I am a little helpless other than Tylenol and Motrin!! She was good tonight just sleepy but she got lots and lots of extra xoxox from mommy and daddy. I am hoping for a good day tomorrow for Grammy (my mom)
So all in all right now we have clapping and teething. Hopefully, soon we will be clapping that her teeth have arrived and the earaches and fussiness take a vacation!!

...Oh almost forgot I added a pic of SS in her highchair for the first time. She looks like such a big girl!!!

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  1. I love it!!! The clapping is too cute. It is so fun to see all the "firsts" that come with having a baby. Give SS a BIG hug and kiss for me!