Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heavy heart

Ok, so I have been reading up on other the blogging world...and my heart just aches. Why? Why Lord are these families suffering from death of husbands and wives, why are these children suffering and why cant these couples have a healthy child. I know its almost ridiculous that I ask why bc he is God an he has a reason but sometimes I just don't understand why I have a healthy husband and child and others that so long for that don't. Over the last 15 min I read about a family that the wife is pregnant, they already have a young son and her husband died 2 days ago after a less than one month battle with cancer then a young couple that had a still born in the past and recently gave birth to a little boy with a rare skin disease, several children that need heart transplants and another little girl with a rare type of disease. WHY?? My heart just aches and is so broken for these families. Lord please bless them and heal these children. Comfort these families in their time of need and help them to feel your presence, peace and love. Thank you Lord for my healthy family. Continue to bless Sarah Scott with a long healthy life. Thank you for giving Scott and I the honor of being her parents. I love you Lord thank you for loving us!

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