Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finally Sitting Down has been a week since I sat at this computer for some me time to get some thoughts off my mind. I feel like I have a lot to think about and some decisions to make for our family....while all the while SS is continuing to grow so fast. We had a great weekend as a family. We just spent time together and did some shopping..SS is such a good shopper!! Scott and I love hamburgers so we were able to try the new 5 guys here in town and it was wonderful. Mmmmmm the cheeseburgers were wonderful. They were not on my diet but it was the weekend.
**SS is talking non stop. She just scoots her little self around the house saying dadadadada. I am trying so hard to get her to say momma but it aint happening!! That's ok I really don't mind her saying dada!! He is a great dada so he deserves it. I have had so many people lately tell me how happy she is. You know she really is. All I have to do is look at her and she has the biggest smile. It is a smile that will make your heart melt. Scott was reading some info we got through email about her at 7 months and different things that we may be noticing. The one thing that stuck out was that she will now begin to recognize when we have left the room. I have REALLY noticed this alot lately. I can be gone and the second she sees me her eyes will light up...but walking out of the room no she will not have that. She just cries and it breaks my heart. Today I was home with her and we just played all day. Her favorite toy is the remote control. It is so funny she has all these toys to play with and that is the one thing that she prefers. The weather was wonderful today so we sat outside for a while and she watched the dogs play. She has really started to want to get involved with the dogs. Scott and I don't let her play with Anna..well bc (if you know us you know how Anna is) but she will reach out for her and smile when she walks by. Hopefully one day they will be able to play together...HOPEFULLY..not sure if that will happen:).
On another note I am asking for prayer from my fellow blogger friends. We have had a few events in the family that have required our attention the last several weeks. It really weighs heavy on our hearts but I KNOW that Lord is in control and through all of this His work will be done. Through this it has made me evaluate ME and our family. The Lord, as well as Scott, are working on me and I have been presented with some questions that will change things with our family (me, Scott and SS). Again, this also weighs heavy on my heart but in a good way. I think that it brings things to my attention that I try to put in the back on my mind and not deal with. So overall I am asking for God to reveal Himself in all of this and to open and close doors where that is needed. I know that He is in control and if I trust Him he will direct me. Sometimes that is the hardest part..I mean lets just be honest we all struggle with that right. I think I have it figured out and things are going ok now so why change. But maybe that change is what God intended all along. Maybe I tried to do it my way in the beginning...why...I could save myself alot of heartache if I would just listen to His voice and the path He has planned for my family. I believe that our relationship with the Lord is a daily work. We grow stronger each day the more that we seek him. So right now I am seeking you Lord. Help me to seek you more and more each the song goes " The more I seek you the more I find you"...:)
Looking forward to the weekend with the family...hopefully we will get outside more this weekend with the pretty weather. I think Scott has some yard work planned. We can start SS of early with that...she will hopefully enjoy yard work like her momma!!
The pics are of SS in her babylegs...if you have a little one boy or girl they NEED babylegs..they are the cutest thing ever. You can get them from Target for around $12!!

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  1. I love the babylegs...I think they are too cute. Maybe Kellen needs a pair! :) Have a great weekend...enjoy the family time and the wonderful weather.