Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finally Here!

Well hello to the blogging world...a world I have been telling Scott I was going to enter for quite a while. I AM HERE!!! I decided to do this several months back after several friends started a blog. I figured it was a great way to get some thoughts written down and for friends and family to keep up with our family. I really meant to start this when Sarah Scott was born..but..well almost 7 months later here I am.
Let me tell you life around our house has been so exciting. Scott and I have absolutely loved being parents and watching Sarah Scott grow and learn new things everyday.
To back track a little Scott and I always knew that we wanted to be parents but the first time that we got pregnant was not a pregnancy that we had planned. After 8 weeks we had a miscarriage and I was heartbroken but knew that God had different plans. It was kind of a shock that we were even pregnant...but that got our wheels turning. We thought well we do want to be pregnant and from that day forward we tried. It was not an easy journey for us but I feel that I was very patient and calm in the years of trying to get pregnant. My doctor promised me that I was "normal" but that we just needed to wait. We underwent several attempts at IUI and I was placed on Clomid....nothing!! My OBGYN made me an appt with a fertility specialist in town..but..before we went Scott told me to get off all my meds for a month before and we would start new with the FS. GOD IS AMAZING. After 2 years we were pregnant...we found out several days before the appt with the FS. We could not believe it. We were going to be parents. July 30, 2008 we welcomed our baby girl Sarah Scott.
Now that SS (OK this is how I refer to Sarah Scott:)..much shorter version) is here our life has changed quite a but. It is true that your life forever changes when you are a parent. ..but..its all for the better..well except the poopie diapers. I take that back her poopie diapers are even great:) They are sweet like she is!!!!
I always wanted to be a mom, doesn't just about every girl, and that it would be amazing and fun but I never imagined the overwhelming love that I would have for my child. When SS was first born I would sit and cry with her..they were tears of joy but from an overwhelming since of happiness and love that I did not know how to express. To look at her and know that she was ours and God had chosen us to be her parents...very overwhelming! I was quickly reminded of the love that God has for each of his children. To think of the most amazing and overwhelming love that we have for our children.....GOD LOVES US MORE!! How awesome is that.
We are about 7 months into the journey of parenthood. SS is getting so big and already trying to pull up on things. She is sitting up by herself really well and talks constantly. She has a little attitude that shows every once in a while. Yes, she got that from her mom!! She is eating some food now...not much of a veggie eater..that she gets from her dad!! The biggest blessing has been that she is a good sleeper. Since about 8-9 weeks she has been sleeping pretty much through the night. I lay her down now around 8:45 or 9 and she gets up about 8. Yes I know she is great. I really never worry that I will not get rest. The Lord new what he was doing giving Scott and I a good sleeper.
I am still working as a registered nurse, however I did go back part time. This was a huge decision for me but one that I feel I made correctly...and knowing that we had parents that were able to watch SS made that decision easier. I love being a nurse and feel that that is the career that God called me to. I enjoy my days off with SS and then getting back to "adult interaction" for a few days a week. One thing that has worked out well is when I go to the hospital to work on Saturdays...those days become daddy daughter days and they just love it. That is perfect time for Scott and SS to bond and love on each other!! As a wife...watching your husband love on his child is a wonderful feeling. Scott is an amazing father!! SS is with her grandmomma (Scott's mom) and grammie(my mom) on the days I work during the me ...she is in good hands!! Our moms have been amazing help during this is so important to have a good family support. Scott and I are both very blessed with good supportive family's who love us and the Lord and lift us up in prayer each day.
I look forward to posting all the updates with our family and SS. Sweet dreams..I am off to kiss little precious before hitting the pillow!!