Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beach Week

So we have recently returned from a beach trip with my family. This is the second year that we have gone with my brother, sis n law, niece and my parents. It is such a nice time together and a tradition in the making. We went to Hilton Head and after some drama with hotel reservations getting cancelled we found a townhome to rent 2 days before we were to leave. It all worked out great and we had wonderful family time together. SS loved the beach and the pool but Hamp is still not really in to it all. I am really looking forward to next year when Hamp is old enough to walk around on the beach and enjoy the will be MUCH more relaxing for momma!
As you see in the pics SS had a great time riding the waves with daddy!

...and Hamp well not so much...the look on his face tells all...BUT

we did get a smile on his face when he was not in the water!!

And who can resist this hunk a chunk!!!

SS had a great time swimming with daddy...

...playing in the sand with Addi...

..and playing with this crazy man...Poppy!

A great vacation spent with family!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Princess Breakfast

So Tuesday morning we woke up after sleeping in until 9:30..woot woot!!! SS has been wanting cheerios for breakfast so it was another regular breakfast morning...until.....she decided she had to wear her princess bracelet and crown while eating!! It was so cute and just made me love having this little girl!
Before breakfast!

And this is how the little princess was sporting her crown at the end of that good bowl of cheerios!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

8 months old

That sweet little chunka burnin love turned 8 months old 8/3. I sure love this boy and could eat his little...well big...cheeks everyday. He started to crawl a couple of weeks ago and yesterday made his way up the stair from our playroom to the dining room. I dont think that SS is liking him being mobile like this because she is really being rough on him! What she just does not understand is soon...very soon...he is going to be MUCH bigger than her and "bring it on" is all Hamp man will be saying!!!
Its so hard to believe this sweet boy has been in my arms for 8 really has gone by so fast!!
What are you up to these days:
*22lbs 13oz
*size 4 diapers and 5 at night
*12 month clothes...and some things are too small
* still same eating schedule and nap schedule
* 2 bottom teeth
*You love your veggies and that makes momma proud

We love you Hamp Man!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthday Party Dora Style!!

Saturday we celebrated SS's bday party with a Dora the Explorer theme. Sweet little SS turned the big 2!! These were her invitations...

I looked all over to find some cute invites and finally found these at Tiny Prints. I knew I wanted her to sport the tutu again and was lucky enough to find one at a good price back in June. Scotts Aunt Debbie made the "2" shirt for me and her outfit was complete with a bow I picked up from Hobby Lobby:)!!!
The party favors were made by my mom in law and turned out precious. They were cake pops that looked like ice cream cones and tasted wonderful!!!

The cake was made by Balloon Delights (my sis n laws mom) and tasted sooo yummy!! I cant explain how cute it was when we sang happy bday to SS. She stood in her chair with the biggest grin on her face and when we were done she clapped and yelled "yeah" was so sweet!!

I rented the jump from Jump City and was more than excited that they had a Dora jump "thingy"...whatever they are called!!

As you can see SS had a blast. It was extremely hot but the kids had a wonderful time and that is what matters. Little SS had some red red cheeks!!

We had so many friends and family come to celebrate with us and we were so thankful. Thank you to Stephanie and Matt for making the trip from Atl....SS loves to see her handsome Kellen!!

Last year I tied all the left over balloons to SS and then let her release them. I thought we would keep the same tradition this year! SS was not as pleased with the idea this year but momma got some pictures and that is all that matters!!

Another year another party....time is going by so fast! SS is sweet and smart. We love her dearly and look forward to what 2's will bring us!