Sunday, August 8, 2010

8 months old

That sweet little chunka burnin love turned 8 months old 8/3. I sure love this boy and could eat his little...well big...cheeks everyday. He started to crawl a couple of weeks ago and yesterday made his way up the stair from our playroom to the dining room. I dont think that SS is liking him being mobile like this because she is really being rough on him! What she just does not understand is soon...very soon...he is going to be MUCH bigger than her and "bring it on" is all Hamp man will be saying!!!
Its so hard to believe this sweet boy has been in my arms for 8 really has gone by so fast!!
What are you up to these days:
*22lbs 13oz
*size 4 diapers and 5 at night
*12 month clothes...and some things are too small
* still same eating schedule and nap schedule
* 2 bottom teeth
*You love your veggies and that makes momma proud

We love you Hamp Man!

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  1. He is so cute! I loved being able to love on him when we were visiting! He is a chunk of love! :o)