Monday, November 30, 2009

SS at 16 months and a few others

Happy 16 months Sarah Scott!!
You made it to 16 months before your brother arrived..whoohoo!!!


This last month has gone by very quick as mommy and daddy have continued to prepare for Hampton. You have really grown alot over the last month...and you have developed an attitude of attitudes. It can be a little humorous at times but daddy and I are working on how to deal with it. Let me catch you up on a few things that you are now doing:
1. Moved to size 4 diapers
2. Still in size 3 shoes
4. 12 -18 month clothing
5. 22lbs
6. you have not changed your nightly routine or eating habits.
7. Sleeping still about 12 hours
8. you are obsessed with "Bar-eee" which is Barney...but only the old ones you do not really enjoy the new ones...actually yesterday we watched about 12 Bar-eee's. You wake up in the morning saying his name and take the channel changer to daddy and I and say his name.
9. You are continuing to talk talk repeat alot of what we say.
10. New words are "bi-yee" for bite, "pa-pee" for paci, "deyoo" for even tell me that 2 comes after one, "be-yoo" for bear and "mi-yee" for mine.
11. Spent the night with BeBe and Grandaddy on Friday night and this was your first time ever spending the night off.
12. Got a new big girl seat for daddy's car and you love it.
13. Lowered your mattress all the way to the bottom.
14. Had 2 more teeth come have pretty much a mouth full
15. Started to eat with a fork and you do not want like to do it all on your own.


Sarah Scott you are such a big girl and continue to bring daddy and mommy such joy. You will meet your baby brother Hampton in 3 days and I cant wait to see what you think about him. We love you sweet angel girl.
Over the Thanksgiving weekend Sarah Scott had several adventures.
Friday night Scott and I had to attend a debutant ball that was a formal party. Scott looked so handsome in his tux and me on the other hand looked large in my formal gown. We had a great time and Sarah Scott stayed with Scott's parents overnight. This was the first time she has EVER been away from us overnight. I was a little nervous but she did great.
On Saturday we took her with us to get a Christmas Tree.
It made me so nervous with her running around bc you can lose her so easy in all the trees. She really did not know what to think and had more fun being a free bird and running off energy.

That night we took her to Scott's Aunt Debbie's and Uncle David's. They get Santa each year for the kids and last year Sarah Scott did not mind him but this year was a different story as you can tell from the picture. She would sit in his lap but screamed the entire time. It was cute though and I enjoyed getting pics of it.

Sunday was very laid back. Scott pretty much now has me on house arrest until Hampton arrives. We did not go to church bc walking is becoming very uncomfortable for me and I just really needed to sit all day....and that's what I did. Scott took over all responsibilities and I sat on the couch and watched TV.
Today I went to work for my last day ever at Augusta ENT...I am very sad and lets just say that's for another blog!!

Looking forward to the next several days at home with Scott and Sarah Scott and then off to the hospital Thursday AM to have this little man.
Cant wait to meet you Hampton!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
I will start this off with a pic of our little Turkey...she was so cute today!

We all live our busy lives day to day and I find that I rarely sit and think about what I am thankful for...and to be honest this is the first time today that I have really thought about it. This day like the Christmas holidays is always so busy and go go go from one side of the family to another.
I have so much to be thankful for...the Lord has truly blessed me. I am so guilty of calling on the Lord for all that I need and don't spend half that amount of energy thanking Him for all he has given me and the blessings in my life. I guess I write this as a challenge to you and to take time everyday to say thank you Lord for today...thank you for your blessings and thank you for giving me another day...another day here to do your work and to be with my family.
Today was pretty laid back for us. We got up this morning and enjoyed some family time together before eating at Scott's parents with his extended family. We had dinner with my parents, brother and his family and some of my extended family. We will eat with the remaining family on Saturday. 2 big meals today has me feeling a little stuffed.

We are settled and home now...SS is down for the night, Scott is watching football and I am headed to bed. We have a long day tomorrow and I need my rest!!

I hope everyone enjoyed Turkey Day!

...One week as of today that Hampton arrives...please keep us in your prayers!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hampton's shower

Last weekend for us was a busy one. We had a birthday party and 2 baby showers one being for Hampton. Some very special friends of mine gave us the shower.

The girls that gave the shower..Heather, Nicole and her daughter Addi, me and SS, Christin and her daughter Mary Hil and Tina

Hampton got some really cute things and we had a great time. My mom had asked me previously in the week if I was planning on bringing Sarah Scott. To be honest I had planned on leaving her with Scott bc I am in no shape to be chasing her around but mom was not having that. I told her that I would be more than happy to bring her but she was responsible for her.....let me tell you SS gave her a workout. She was nonstop and had the best time playing with Mary Hil and Addi.
Here are some pics of the shower:
My mom and mother n law

Meredith and Heather...we took this pic for Jenn...we missed you girl
Hampton got 2 cute monogrammed bags that I love and a friend made Sarah Scott the most precious outfit for the says "I'm the big sister."


Thanks girls for putting the shower together for us...we had a wonderful time and it really means alot to have wonderful friends. Love you girls.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Catch up time

Well...needless to say I have been really bad on updating. I do actually have an excuse. As you know Scott got me a camera (Nikon D40) several weeks back...we decided to exchange for a Nikon D3000 and we JUST tonight got the memory card to upload on the computer with all my pics. I have Halloween pics that I still need to show of cute little SS.
We really have been pretty busy around this little house and awaiting the arrival of Hampton...oh how nice it is to not have to say "little man."
The weekend of Halloween SS and I went on our annual girls shopping weekend. Every year all the women from my moms side go for a weekend shopping trip and this year it happen to fall on Halloween. Nicole and Addi were not able to make it for that reason and we missed them. I brought SS's Halloween outfit and she looked so cute in it. She shopped in it all day. I will have to say that the hat makes the outfit but she REFUSED to wear it.

I have to show this precious outfit that Scott's Aunt Debbie made too. I love my new camera but I wish it came with a switch that would make SS look at the camera and smile at the same time:)
We got a pumpkin as you see in the pics but did not go to an actual pumpkin patch so I took some pics of SS on the steps of our house.

We had our wonderful friends April and Jacob come in town to see us last weekend. April insisted on coming in town to paint Hampton's room and I really was so thankful for this. It was so sweet of them and it was the sweetest thing a friend could do for us. Hampton's room is coming together slowly but its getting there. We have furniture being painted now that we will hopefully have at the end of this week. The crib is up and I got a cute rug and lamp from Pottery Barn a couple of weeks ago. My bedding will be done before he arrives. I have come to the reality that he will not have curtains made or things on his wall when he arrives but everything else will be perfect for him. I sent April back to Greenville with a canvas to paint and the letters of his name to paint...I guess that means she has to come back and see us!!

This is a pic of SS dancing for Jacob and April!
Thank you April and Jacob we love you both dearly!!
I have not been feeling well over the last week or so. Hampton is causing lots of discomfort and I have been having Braxton Hicks. I went to the MD yesterday and was given a shot of Progesterone to stop contractions and I really have felt much better today. We still look to be on track for Dec 3rd csection but will know more on Monday. I have an appt and sono so we will get some idea as to what Hamp is weighing.
I have my shower this weekend which I am very excited about. We have a birthday party for Jake Hardy to go to..SS second bday party!! Other than those plans we will be taking it easy this weekend.
One post that I missed was SS turning 15 months...this was 10/30 and we were gone and I am slack about catching up. SS is growing so fast before our eyes and has a little attitude and sense of humor on her. Its like talking to a little girl...she is no longer a baby!!
SS loves to carry around boxes or a purse and put her toys in them. She recently has become attached to this box and I figure why not if it keeps her entertained.
She loves to carry around Scott's golf club too.
These pics below are of her and Scott the other night. He put her in a box and made her feel like superwomen...she was loving it until the end pic...when daddy decided to stop. This look is Sarah Scott's new look that she will give when she is not a happy is so funny!

Sarah Scott mommy has to tell you that you are growing growing. You have become obsessed with Barney..
This is you watching him on will sit there through the entire show. Its about the only cartoon that you will watch but Barney has your attention for some reason.
*You are still in size 3 diapers
* Size 3 shoes, 12-18 month clothes
*weigh 21lbs5oz and are 30 1/4 inches long
* Still eating about the same thing. The only food that has changed is you now like lima beans
* Nightly routine is still the same
* You are now saying more things...Daddie instead of Dada, every food is an apple, every dog is "guggle" for Tuggle, mammie is Grammie, BB is Scotts mom.
You love to say "happy, happy, happy" and when you eat you say "yummy, yummy,yummy"
* You love to have got some interesting moves!!
You are getting big sweet girl.
Well 3 more weeks until the big day that Hampton arrives. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we prepare.
Have a wonderful rest of the week!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's all in a name!

I know I cant believe it either..WE HAVE A NAME! I just cannot explain how excited I am. And the funny part is the name was confirmed when I was out of town with SS. As many of you know Scott and I have really had a hard time agreeing on a name. For months it has been between Ford Daniel (Scott's pick) and Hampton Cole( my pic). We have never ever disagreed on anything before like we have about this name. I think that this whole process will be something that we can look back on and laugh about and our son sure will enjoy hearing about how we actually came up with the name.
A little history:
So Scott actually came up with both names. Ford was his pick from the beginning and I was never really into that name. One day back at one of my GYN appts we were sitting in the waiting room and overheard a lady say that she was naming her son Hampton...Scott loved that name and brought it to my attention and from that day forward I have been in love with it. He liked it but Ford was still his favorite. I think we went each day thinking that someone would eventually give in. I will be honest through all of this I struggled with not letting him pick the name of his first son...but I just COULD NOT fall in love with the name Ford.
About 2 weekends ago we came up with the crazy idea that we would flip a coin and best out of 3 would win the name. We even decided to put this on video bc it would be official. I recorded this and well I lost. So that day all we talked about was how Ford Daniel was the name. I am a sore loser and decided I hated that game and that was a stupid idea:)!!
In the meantime I was trying to convince Scott of all kinds of deals from letting him name the baby Ford but he would give up all opinions on the nursery to if he got to pick the name Ford then I could dress him in as many Jon Jon's as I wanted. Well I hit the jackpot earlier this week. I mentioned to Scott..never thinking that he would go for this..that he could get dual exhaust on his truck if he would let me name our little man Hampton Cole. We laughed about this bc again it was another deal I was mentioning. Scott has been wanting this for a long time and I always fuss about spending money on something for the truck..that he loves by the way.
So SS and I headed out for the weekend on Friday and leave Scott all alone. I guess the wheels started turning and he remembered how BAD he wanted dual exhaust bc Sat he went up to Trucks and Moore and treated himself. I got a text later in the day that our son FINALLY had a name. I have never been so excited in my life and could not help but laugh thinking about how we finally decided on a name.
Looking back this whole process has been hilarious and to think that we decided on a name over dual exhaust...gotta love it....I do at least.
Now I can have his stocking monogrammed, bedding monogrammed...EVERYTHING monogrammed. WHOO HOO.
So I proudly announce that due December 3rd is our first son.....