Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's all in a name!

I know I cant believe it either..WE HAVE A NAME! I just cannot explain how excited I am. And the funny part is the name was confirmed when I was out of town with SS. As many of you know Scott and I have really had a hard time agreeing on a name. For months it has been between Ford Daniel (Scott's pick) and Hampton Cole( my pic). We have never ever disagreed on anything before like we have about this name. I think that this whole process will be something that we can look back on and laugh about and our son sure will enjoy hearing about how we actually came up with the name.
A little history:
So Scott actually came up with both names. Ford was his pick from the beginning and I was never really into that name. One day back at one of my GYN appts we were sitting in the waiting room and overheard a lady say that she was naming her son Hampton...Scott loved that name and brought it to my attention and from that day forward I have been in love with it. He liked it but Ford was still his favorite. I think we went each day thinking that someone would eventually give in. I will be honest through all of this I struggled with not letting him pick the name of his first son...but I just COULD NOT fall in love with the name Ford.
About 2 weekends ago we came up with the crazy idea that we would flip a coin and best out of 3 would win the name. We even decided to put this on video bc it would be official. I recorded this and well I lost. So that day all we talked about was how Ford Daniel was the name. I am a sore loser and decided I hated that game and that was a stupid idea:)!!
In the meantime I was trying to convince Scott of all kinds of deals from letting him name the baby Ford but he would give up all opinions on the nursery to if he got to pick the name Ford then I could dress him in as many Jon Jon's as I wanted. Well I hit the jackpot earlier this week. I mentioned to Scott..never thinking that he would go for this..that he could get dual exhaust on his truck if he would let me name our little man Hampton Cole. We laughed about this bc again it was another deal I was mentioning. Scott has been wanting this for a long time and I always fuss about spending money on something for the truck..that he loves by the way.
So SS and I headed out for the weekend on Friday and leave Scott all alone. I guess the wheels started turning and he remembered how BAD he wanted dual exhaust bc Sat he went up to Trucks and Moore and treated himself. I got a text later in the day that our son FINALLY had a name. I have never been so excited in my life and could not help but laugh thinking about how we finally decided on a name.
Looking back this whole process has been hilarious and to think that we decided on a name over dual exhaust...gotta love it....I do at least.
Now I can have his stocking monogrammed, bedding monogrammed...EVERYTHING monogrammed. WHOO HOO.
So I proudly announce that due December 3rd is our first son.....


  1. That is SO exciting! I love the name!!! I can't wait to meet little Hampton Cole! I hope that you had a wonderful time shopping! Enjoy all the monogramming!!!

  2. That's just awesome. I think I love the story even more than the name. And Hampton Cole was always my favorite too!

  3. That is awesome and I laughed OUT LOUD when I read the story of how it came to be. :) SO excited for you...and it was always my favorite too. :)