Thursday, October 29, 2009

Push present early!!

Thank you to my wonderful husband for this nice surprise!! So if you are wondering what a push present is...I was too until I had SS. These days momma is to get a gift...a nice one...for all the hard work that she does delivering those cute little babies. I think its a great idea. Unfortunately I did not get one with SS and really did not care but Scott surprised me with an early one with little man. I have been wanting a new camera. Not that I will ever REALLY learn how to use it but one that will take pics of SS and focus fast enough before she moves. It has been impossible to get pics of her lately.
Earlier this week I got a Nikon in the mail that Scott had purchased for me and I was extremely excited. I have been trying to work with it the last several days and I think I have alot to learn. I am looking forward to getting many many pics of SS and little man in the future.
Thank you honey for my gift...I know you will be glad to here less of me talking about how much I need a new camera.

Off that subject SS and I are off to a girls only shopping trip this weekend. For many many years it has been tradition that the girls on my moms side of the family go on a weekend long trip to shop around this time each year. When this first started we would go to Boaz, Alabama and my grandfather would come along and drive us around. After he passed away my uncle took his job and he was our driver and would hold a walky talky so we could tell him where to come and get all the bags at. Yes yes I know that's serious shopping. Well he has stepped down from his job too and now its just the ladies. We have also moved our shopping much closer. We spend the weekend in Dawsonville and hit Commerce on the way home. Its a fun time together and we love going each year. SS was a trooper last year, however she was 3 months old and slept most of the time. This year she is mobile mobile and I was not going to take her...well that did not go over well with the fam. I got the impression that there was no point in me coming if she was not going to be there. So SS will be coming along..and I am glad.. we will have a great time with her.
Well, I am off to get some needed rest before my hard weekend of spending money!!

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