Sunday, May 17, 2009

Great weekend

Well the weekend is over and Scott is back to work tom....I however get to spend the day with SS! I love Mondays they are officially mommy and daughter day around our house. We had a great weekend pretty low key but that is always nice. Friday I picked up a couple of hours at the hospital so we laid low Friday night. Sat was a pretty productive day. Scott spent several hours in the yard and I will have to say it looks Beeeyoootiful!!! He knows how happy it makes me when I have a perfect yard...even if the yards around me look like crap.
**Does that aggravate anyone else or just us when neighbors just simply don't care about how crappy their yard looks and that what they think are trees in the yard are simply weeds...uuugghhh!!
Ok so anyway a precious girl from work got married Sat so SS and I went to that and she was sooo good. It was a wonderful wedding and Christina looked beautiful. We got home and went to eat Mex with the hubby and then off to the store for some late night evil...yes ice cream...MY FAV!!!
SS has been running a temp of 101.5 to about 102.7 all weekend and so we did not go to church today. We have NEVER put her in the bed with us..yes pat me on the back for that:)...but this AM we did she was crying at 6 and cried everytime we would lay her down so we let her snuggle with us and we all slept until 9. She is in good spirits but I think we are going to head to the PCP tom just for an ear check...if nothing else it puts mommas mind at ease. SS and I went to see some family today and had a wonderful time. SS is always great entertainment and they loved spending time with her. Tonight was low key also...Scott and I did watch Dan in Real Life and it was a pretty good movie. So after this post I am off to bed!!
This is the first week that SS has been in her big girl car seat and she loves it. She likes to see me and whats going on.
Tonight she was making Scott and I laugh. She was talking up a storm and waving her hand like she had an imaginary friend. I was sooo funny. We just love her to pieces!!
Sarah Scott mommy and daddy love you more than you know. I want you to know that I think you are going to be walking in the next month. You are doing so well just holding one hand. You are working everyday on drinking out of a sippy cup. You hold it well but have not mastered that you have to suck pretty hard to get your juice. You have become fascinated with outlets so we are having to watch you closely. Tomorrow we will go for a walk and then hang out inside with the puppies...that's the word we are working on trying to get you to say! Daddy will be home for lunch to see you and then we are going to dinner with the girls. I love you angel and hope that you sleep better tonight. xoxo

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