Monday, June 1, 2009

10 months...well 2 days ago

Well I am late with this posting...Sarah Scott turned the big 10 months on May 30th. Sad to say but I didn't even realize it was the 30th until that night. Scott and I were heading to bed and it hit me that SS was 10 months old. Time is just flying by and I guess it is time to start thinking about a big ONE YEAR b day party!!! Not only has she turned another month older but allergies have hit her like a brick. She had her 9 month pics (a little late:)) on Sat and the poor child had watery eyes and sneezing the entire time that we were outside. I tell her that is the bad gene she got from her daddy. I don't really have allergies but Scott does! So needless to say for the last couple of days she has had a constant runny nose, sneezing and watery eyes. I feel horrible for her bc of her age there is not much to do. She is learning new things each day with the latest being giving you high five. It is so cute she holds her hand in the air and just giggles when you give her five! June is a busy month for us..Scott's bday, my bday, our anniversary and Fathers that means that June will fly by and she will be 11 months in no time!!

What is she doing now:
Sarah Scott you are still in size 3 diapers, doing a great job drinking from a sippy cup by yourself (still need a little help tipping up the cup), sleeping from about 8:30 to 8:30, giving high 5, blowing kisses, enjoying your big girl car seat, walking with just holding one hand for help, waving like a beauty queen to everyone, love water from a straw, crawling so fast around the house, love being licked by Tuggle, climbing up stairs, weigh about 18lbs, still love bath time, cry when mommy leaves the room (daddy said I really have to break you of that), love sitting in your high chair to watch mommy/daddy in the kitchen or watch the dogs eat, get a little freaked out look when mommy vaccums, have a tooth on the top right that came through last week, have ALLERGIES, love to talk (not sure of what you are saying), you humm when mommy sings to you at night, love reading books (you help turn the page), sleep with a blanket in the crib now, wear 9 months clothes and between 1-2 size shoe (most 2 are too big), give great wet kisses to mommy and daddy!! GROWING GROWING GROWING I wish we could slow that down some bc we love taking care of you. Sweet girl you are so precious to mommy and daddy and we will always love you more than you know.

I have posted a pic with SS and Minnie she likes to give her enjoy SS giving her a big hug!!

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  1. I think Kellen and SS are the same size. :) It is too cute that she kisses minnie! Hope all is well! :)