Monday, April 6, 2009

Masters and Easter week

What a big week this always is in Augusta. The week that little ole Augusta is the most exciting place for people to be especially those that love golf. I will have to say that even if you don't enjoy me...the National is a beautiful place and I feel should be experienced by all. I will have to say I do dread some of this week bc we live RIGHT by the National and traffic is...well....TERRIBLE. SS and I got in the car to go Publix today and what should have taken us about 5 min to get there turned in to a 30 min ride. Annoying but it gave me a great chance to people thing that I love to do. I guess if you really think about it that just means I like to stare at Anyways this should be a pretty crazy week around our neighborhood but..this too shall pass!!!
Scott will be enjoying the Masters on Saturday and possibly Sunday. He is lucky to get to go every year!!
Well the other big event for the week is Easter Sunday. The day that we as Christians celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and the promise of eternal life with Him. As I write about eternal life it is something that I just cant that is forever. My mind cant fathom that...BUT...I love it. To spend eternity with our Lord..what a privilege.
I guess church will be a little more packed this the "creasters"...those that only come to church on Christmas and Easter!! At least they come right!!!
So SS is continuing to get so big and makes Scott and I just smile. She is so precious and seems so much bigger each day. She has been doing this thing where she nods her head up and down like she is saying yes and over the last 2 days she is now going the opposite direction...she is now nodding her head like she is saying no. It is so funny. The entire time I am feeding her tonight she is nodding no. I just love that little girl!!
I will post pics of her in her Sunday Easter outfit!!! Have a wonderful week!!

Thank you Lord for life that you have given to me. For giving your life so that I could live. Thank you for preparing a place for me to spend eternity with you. Lord, help me to serve you more each day.


  1. girl...i laughed out loud at your new word "creasters"...
    i too love this time of year b/c of all the hype and the ppl watching;
    me & you are the best at it i think!!
    i love you friend!!

  2. You're a people watcher too?!?! Aren't they just fascinating sometimes... problem is, when I do it, everyone's like "who's the creepy old dude staring at people?"