Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My daughter...my heart!!

Well it is 11:23 and I really need to be in bed but I am wide awake. I had a terrible headache tonight and drank some caffeine just thinking that was what I needed and well the headache is gone but my eyes are WIDE open. I have cleaned some around the house and just kissed Scott night night and did my final "tucking" on SS. I told Scott that I was going to bed (he is up watching ESPN...big news with Brett Favre today..whoo hoo)...but as I did my final check on SS tonight I just teared up with joy at just looking at her. I was on the computer earlier and noticed Scott in her room for a while. I walked in and he was staring at her in her crib sleeping. Together we smiled and said how precious she was.
Sarah Scott you are precious...you are amazing...you are the most wonderful gift that the Lord could ever give to us. Mommy and Daddy love you more than you could ever imagine. I told your daddy yesterday that you were so loving all day. You would walk up to mommy and put your head on my leg and just rub my leg...you would come up to me and want to be held and then just lay your head on my chest. You wanted extra love yestreday for some reason and I want you to know that I will always give that to you. You make me smile when you want my attention. Mommy loves our time at night when we read and sing songs and daddy loves bathtime with you at night. I cant tell you the emotions that flow of unconditional love for you...but I know you will understand one day when you are a mommy. I love you sweet girl...you are my daughter and my heart!!

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  1. Did you know that it would be this awesome? I don't think that I could ever have known the love that I have for Kellen. The feeling of joy often over takes me! I am a crier, so tears of joy often are shed! :o) She really is too cute and I can't wait to meet the newest Whitfield family memeber.