Friday, December 31, 2010

Bath time

I wanted to post a few pics from bath time last night. I still need to put up some Christmas pics but I will get around to that later. The kids love to take a bath together at night and could play for hours if we would let them. Last night SS decided that putting Hamp in a head lock and taking him down would be a fun thing to do...NOT...but we did get a few pics of it. I will have to say that it had Scott and I laughing. So just a few pics to make you smile....they sure brought a smile to our face!!
Our little model!!

So the fun first started with dumping water on Hamp!

Hamp is thinking what just happened to me!

...But I think he likes it!

And here comes the take down...

...but he likes that too and it all ends with a smile!

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  1. Too Funny! I can't believe how much SS is changing! She is such a little girl and she is starting to leave the toddler look behind! Too cute! Hope to see you all soon!