Sunday, March 20, 2011


Yeah that's about all I know to say....2 months since my last post and these kids are growing like weeds. Just like every other parent out there I feel like I just don't have the time to sit at this computer and blog although this is it for my kiddos....this is the only thing they have to look through when they are grown...I have no baby books. I document there life here and I HAVE to get better. I missed
Christmas and all of SS cute little outfits..

our Snow storm

Hamp turning 13 months old

and 14 months old

SS having stitches for the first time and making it all better by helping mommy make cupcakes...

and today SS learning how to ride her bike.

Hamp is continuing to grow. He has recently started to say thank you and it is just precious that he picked that up. I am trying to teach him love you and where your eyes, ears and nose are. At this point his eyes, according to him, are located somewhere between his ear and forehead. He loves our little routine at night. You tell him its time for night night and he will say "aaaaa buuuuk"..which means sit in the chair mom and read to me.
SS has recently been really challenging me as a mother. I have a very strong willed and bossy child on my hands. She quite often puts me in my place like she is the mother and I am the child...long story short I feel like I spank her all day long. All the disobedience with her has been just "getting on my nerves" but this week it broke me down. After completely embarrassing me in 2 stores on Tuesday the end result was being on the phone with my mother crying. I know all moms may go through this or maybe I'm just a baby but I needed some reassurance that I am doing the right thing. She is precious and sweet when she wants to be but can do ALOT of "ugly talk" as I call it and we are working on how to resolve that.
For the cute things about SS she is a singer. This child will pick up any song so fast and sing her little heart out. We still stick to our nightly routine of reading and singing but the 3 songs we have always sang at night our now a list of 6 songs...and very random ones including "Santa Claus is coming to town." Once I have put her in her crib and shut the door she will sing herself to sleep. She makes us laugh everyday with the things that she comes up with. She loves to mother Hamp and tell me when to put him in time out...she tells on him all the time which I love bc then I know if he is getting in to something that he should not be in.
A few cute notes....
The other day she was at my inlaws in the front yard and a man walked by there house...she put her hand on her hip and looked at him and said "watcha doin daday." She never meets a stranger....everyone in the grocery store is told "hey" and then she informs them who we all are by name.
She has recently taken interest in her precious moments bible that has been sitting in the same place in her room for a year. I come home the other day and find it in her hand. I said "SS what do you have" she says "this is my bible I been readin it allll day." How cute is that all I could do is giggle. Then her and Hamp sit in the hallway and look through it while she makes up word after word like she is reading to him.
Well over all we are doing well and keeping busy with the little ones. They are our little loves!!
I love them the same which I never thought was possible when I was pregnant with Hamp. The love you have for your children is something that words cannot express and something that you never quite grasp until you have your own. I so want to do everything right for them and having these bumps in the road this week with parenting has really been heavy on my heart. I know the Lord will guide me if only I will I want SS to do:)..lightbulb goes off in my head!!!
Until next time I leave you with one last pic of my cuties...


  1. I can't believe how much Hamp has changed even just since Kellen's b-day! :o) They are both so cute! I promise you are not the only one that has had a parenting melt down! :o) I have them A LOT!!! :o) You are such a good mama...just keep doing what your doing! :o)

  2. I had to laugh when I read this post. I remember when you were pregnant with Hamp and were a little worried about feeling the same about a little "boy" as you do about SS. Remember what I told you? DA, you are such a great mother and you are giving them the greatest gift by doing this blog for them. One day, they will treasure it more than anything you'll ever buy them. As for as parenting melt downs, Girl, you ain't seen nothing yet!! But, it'll all be worth it in the end. They'll be your best friends one day. That, my dear, is the gift God gives you in the end. Love ya and miss ya!!!