Monday, April 4, 2011

Hamp Man...16 months!

Time has really gone by so quick with our sweet man. It is so weird to think that this was the age of SS when he arrived. WOW what the heck were we thinking....but...oh how we love our little life and family and would not change it for the world. The kids are really starting to play well together and Hamp is starting to stick up for himself and not take all SS has to give him:) There have been so many times she will come to me and say "Mommy buddy hit me pop his hand." Im thinking well honey Im sure you deserve that little hit with as much as you have put him through in the last 16 months. I know that sounds horrible as a mother to say but trust me she has put him through the ringer...I keep telling her he WILL be bigger than you pretty soon!!

So back to our sweet Hamp. Like I have always said this boy is just so stinkin cute. He looooves his momma and I eat up every min of that. I love hearing "momma momma" out of that mouth. He is very clingy to me right now and it does drive me nuts at times but oh how I love to be loved by my little man!!

So what are you up to:

*I have not weighed you since your last MD appt but my guess would be 28lbs.

* still size 5 diapers, size 4.5 double wide shoe (yes Stride rite is about the only place we can go for shoes) and size 18mths,24 mths or 2T really just depends on the clothing.

* Sleeping GREAT like always...down usually 8 or 8:30 and sleep until 8:30 or 9..sometimes 9:30.

* Im afraid you are my other little picky eater. Consistency is a big thing with you and if it doesnt feel right to you then it must not taste right.

*You had your first snack with your TV tray last look all grown up!

* You started throwing little tantrums over the past several weeks..arching your back and just screaming for "momma." Im not a big fan of this my sweet boy!

*Words: momma, da-da, a buuk (a book), nye nye (night night), bye, nah nah (no no), aaee ooh (thank you), ball. Daddy always practices with you throwing your football or basketball but here you are today after finding a tennis loved it and your face shows that!

* You love to read like SS and that makes me so happy. We sit in your chair every night and read 2 books before we rock. Mommy has been reading one book to you for the last several eeks about where your eyes etc are and you are really picking up on that. You can show us where your belly button is, eyes, feet, hands and mouth. We dont have the nose yet!

Hamp we love you more than we can ever express in words. We love being your parents and love watching you grow each day. Always want to call me "momma" and lay that sweet head on my shoulder..always let me rock you to sleep and wisper in your ear how much I love the book says "I'll love you forever, Ill like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be."

I cant close this post without a quick word about my other precious childmy sweet little girl...big girl by what comes out of that mouth:) She is all grown up I think...well I start to think that when she puts that hand on her hip and tells me what she thinks. Sometimes I look up the heavens and say "Lord Jesus help a sista out"!!!! Then in her next breath she tells me how much she loves me and thanks me for everything she can think of including "thank you mommy for my room" or "thank you mommy for waking buddy up for me" or getting dressed she will throw in a little "thank you for these pants mommy." I mean really baby you are just too precious thanking mommy for everything you can thank of! Mwuah I love that girl. So I leave you with a few cute pics of SS!

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  1. They are getting SO big! SS is turning into a little girl! They are so cute! Miss you all! Hope to see you soon!