Sunday, May 30, 2010

Super Sunday!

So why is it super Sunday...a little cheesy I know...well bc that means that my work weekend is over and I am off for several days. To make that even better Scott is home with us tomorrow!!!
the 2 big reasons that today is super Sunday is bc SS turned 22 months old today and Hamp has his first tooth!!!

SS is a little lady now...all the baby is gone. She is a women on a mission and a little attitude to go with that! She knows what she wants and wants to get it! She will not think twice about throwing herself on the floor and screaming or looking at you with a death look as she puts her head between her crossed arms on her chest. Its pretty funny but I don't think I am allowed to laugh I am the parent and I believe I should be punishing her for these actions. SHE IS TOO CUTE THOUGH!! I love this little girl so much.

And my big boy Hampton now has his first tooth. Several days ago I looked at his gums on the bottom and noticed they were really red and swollen. Friday I could see a little bit of white on one of the bottom teeth. Saturday a little came through but this morning...BAM...the tooth came through the skin. The other one is working its way up and should make its debut in the next several days. This just really makes me feel like my little boy is getting big. I tried to get a pic of the can see some of it:)

All smiles...he is proud of that tooth too


  1. yay for hamps for 1st tooth =)

    love you guys!!!

  2. too cute! I just can't believe how fast they are growing up! :o)

  3. They're getting too big! and of course, too cute:)