Monday, May 3, 2010

Hampton is 5 Months old

Happy 5 months little man!!
Well not so little..Hamp is a little chunk. Oh I just cant tell you how much I love this little boy. He really has my heart and I love to see that precious smile on his face. Time is really going by fast. To hear that sweet little laugh kiss those cheeks just makes my heart smile.

Hampton you are growing like a weed. The last time you went to the MD (1 mth ago) you were 17 lbs..big boy!!! Let mommy tell you what you are up to these days:
* Size 3 diaper...size 4 overnight
* 9 month clothes...some 12 months but shorts and pants some 6 months...those legs are a little short!!
* Eating 4 7 oz bottles a day and rice cereal in the AM and for dinner.
*Refuse to stay on your back when we put you on the immediately roll to your tummy
* still napping around 10 or 1030 in the AM and then again at 2 or 2:30. Some days each of those naps are around 2 hours but some days you choose to not nap well in the AM. Daddy gets you to take a short 30 to 45 min nap in the evening around 5:30 but I am not that lucky!! * you are so ticklish on your sides and under your chin.
*Mommy put you in the highchair for the first time 4/20 and you did great. I got you a toy that attaches to the tray and you loved it.

* On 4/26 we tried you in the ultra saucer for the first time. You like it but not for long..we will keep trying!

Hamp man we love you so much. Mommy wants to stop this growing up thing and keep you little so you will always want to snuggle with me! You are my precious little boy and I love you!


  1. He is just to cute and so happy! I agree with you...I wish that we could keep them little when they like to snuggle with you! Kellen is so busy that he rarely slows down enough to sit still, but I take it when I can! :o) It was so great to see you all! We enjoyed it so much! Can't wait till the next time!

  2. Deborah Anne!!! He is just SO precious!!!! I cannot believe that he is 5 months old already!!!! SO big!!!! Miss you lots!