Friday, May 21, 2010

Sand between her toes

...not at the beach but in her new sandbox. She calls it "cooking"....she associates the bucket and the shovel with things that she pretends to cook with.

"Lets go cook" SS will say and off to the sandbox we go. So you ask how we ended up with a sandbox, well SS has this dad that really should win the dad of the year contest. As you know he watches the kids when I work weekends. Last weekend I had to work all day Sat and Sun so Scott had Hamp and SS all day. I have the kids all day alot and there are some things that I just cant accomplish with 2 little ones....Scott can!! Sat AM he gets up and feeds both kids, packs them up and heads to Walmart where he purchases SS a basketball goal and then he heads to Lowe's to get a sandbox. How he managed to push 2 kids in a cart with a sandbox and 100+lbs of sand to go in it is beyond me. I need to get him a shirt that says superdad! I get home Sat night to a basketball goal in my den and a new sandbox..aka "cooking" in the backyard! SS loves it. Scott said that at first she would get sand on her and say "dirty" but she soon got over that.
Hamp does not get to enjoy in the fun yet but he looks cute as always on the sidelines!

She has enjoyed her 2 new toys and Scott is trying to teach her how to play basketball. Right now she has fun with us picking her up so she can dunk the ball!
This week has been a great week I only worked Tues and Wed so have been able to be home with the kids most of the week. We had Scott home with us today and started our morning off at Sunrise Grill where I enjoyed wonderful blueberry pancakes...Mmmm. Tonight we had dinner with Christin, Matt and Mary Hil and then went to Scott's parents neighborhood where they were having live music. The girls loved it and danced the night away. Now that we are home the kids are off to bed. I am looking forward to the rest of the weekend with the family...I love family time!
I leave you with some pics of the kids from the week.

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  1. I think that lil man is growing! He looks bigger just since we saw ya'll! :o) They are so cute! I know I say that in every comment, but I just think SS is the cutest! :o) The things that she says is so cute! Enjoy your weekend!