Friday, May 14, 2010

In the words of SS

Sarah Scott is getting so big and talking more and more everyday. Her words are becoming so clear to understand and she is saying phrases all the time. The things that she comes up with are just so dang cute!! She has several new things. First is I am now mom not mommy!! Sunday we were headed in to church and I asked her to carry her bag for mommy. Her response was "sure mom."
She is very good at her manners and says "pease" "tant too" and "welkum." She likes to put them together and just get all her manners in one sentence..hehe! Today we are sitting at the table with Aunt Christin and she asked for some water. I handed her the water bottle and she replied "tant too welkum mom."

I think that I take way to many pictures of her and Hamp bc lately she will sit on the floor and point to her lap saying " baby lap peeture." That leads to me placing Hamp in her lap, however within 3 seconds she has had enough and body slams him back on the floor but that is after she has given him the choke hold!

She is growing so fast right before our eyes. The "terrible two's" as they call it seems to be visiting a little early..we are starting to throw ourselves on the floor for a tantrum and cross our arms with our head down and a TERRIBLY mean look on the face. Some friends of mine got a taste of this at Chick fil A recently when she decided that she did not want to leave the playground!!
BUT she is still the cutest girl in the world!!

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  1. So cute! I love it! I really can't believe how big she is! :o) She is turning into a little lady! :o)