Thursday, May 27, 2010

A day of first

So as parents you know we always love to record "the first" of everything that happens. So this week we let the kids have their first bath together and then SS had her first "real" haircut. Lets start with the bath.
We had a wonderful weekend together just the 4 of us. Scott and I were able to get some alone time for about 6 hours Sat..he took me shopping and we had a nice lunch. It was so nice to spend time with him and just be us..thanks to BeBe and Grandad!! Sunday after church we hung out at the house and then had Mexican for dinner...we went to eat a little late so I was ready to get the kids in bed when we got home. Normally we bath the kids in rounds but Sunday night we thought we would just knock em out all at once. Scott could bath SS and I would bath Hamp...all at the same time!! Hamp had a look of terror on his face most of the time..SS loves bath time and gets a little excited and that freaked him out just a little!!

Tuesday SS had a hair appt...that sounds weird!! I have cut on her hair some since she was a baby but she was in desperate need of some professional fixin!! Her bangs were so long she would hold her head up so that she could see. Scott had to work so I invited BeBe along for the ride and I am SO glad that she came bc Hamp was not a happy camper and then SS was not in the mood for a haircut. She did pretty good for about 1 min and then was not having it. Kristin was able to cut a pretty good amount off the back and it looks so much better. She looks like a big girl now.
The pic below we had just put her in the chair..thinking what is happening to me

I don't have a after pic that you can actually see the back of her hair...the front still looks the same! She survived and we got a little sample of her hair to put in the baby book!!

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