Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Talking" Tuesday

What is "Talking" Tuesday you ask....well its today. This is the word of the day according to Sarah Scott. She has been walking around the house with the cell phone to her ear saying "Talking...hello, talking, hello." I have asked her who she is talking too and one time she said "Poppy."

I love to hear you talk SS. Everyday you come up with words that I didn't know was part of your vocabulary. What you say that makes me laugh:

*You run around the house and yell "running"
*Daddy said on Saturday you said "marching" and when he looked at you you were marching like a soldier...we found out that BeBe taught you that!
*You love to be an airplane and say "flying"
*"Foe fiss"...you say this ALL THE TIME...this means goldfish
*One phrase you know very well is "I sorry mommy"....this morning you tripped and fell and spilt apples and goldfish all over the playroom and turned to me and so kindly said " I sorry Mommy"

SS you are always full of things to say...but the sweetest of all is when you look at me and say "lu-yoo."


  1. she is too cute for words :o)

  2. Too cute! I can't wait to see you this weekend! :o) I can't wait for Kellen to start talking!